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Complete journey of open marriage

Open marriage

What is an open marriage? This is the very first question that you would ask yourself when you hear the term open marriage or open relationship. An open marriage is a marriage where both the partners in marriage mutually agree to engage freely in extramarital sexual relations with different people. Though the term is not only confined to the independence ...

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A Woman In Love Is The Most Beautiful Person On The Earth

women in love

Being in love is the most beautiful feeling on the earth. It is an emotion that changes your entire perspective towards life. A woman is known for offering unconditional love from the core of her heart. Whatever is the relationship, women are known for their unconditional love that they offer. While playing different roles in her life as a mother, ...

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Premarital Counselling – Therapy For A Happy Marriage

Premarital counselling before marriage at the relationship expert office

Getting married is a wonderful experience. All of us plan for the most important day in our life – our wedding day to make it special and memorable. But does it ever occur to you that wedding is a different thing, and marriage is different? You can say that wedding is one-day event and marriage is a whole life institution. ...

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Healthy breakfast options for pregnant women

healthy Breakfast options for pregnant women

When you know that you have become pregnant, you take every step with great caution. With the pregnancy, you have the responsibility of keeping the growth of the baby healthy on the one hand and simultaneously paying attention towards your health to keep up with the growing stress. When a woman gets pregnant, her entire life schedule changes – from ...

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Can Pregnant women Drink Coffee?

Pregnant women drinking coffee

Is it advisable to take Coffee during Pregnancy? When a woman becomes pregnant her entire way of life gets changed from the way of sitting to her eating habits. If you are a coffee lover and can’t skip your morning coffee, then you have to think twice before you start enjoying your cup of coffee as coffee contains caffeine which ...

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Easy steps to make your eyes look bigger

Easy steps to make small eyes look big

Eyes speak more you speak; they even have the ability to express those feelings which words can’t. They are the most dangerous weapon a girl can have to make his guy fall in love again and again. Round eyes, small eyes, large eyes, almond eyes; each and every shape is beautiful and adorable in itself. And after that we have ...

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