Beauty Tips for Girls

Looking beautiful is a dream of every girl. The world has changed the way it treat women. Instead of sitting at home, every girl wants to go out and explore the world. They are confident to handle any situation and for girls, confidence lies in good looks. Looking good is not for an instant moment, a regime has to be followed to enhance the beauty from within the body. Market is flooded with hundred of products, marketing themselves as the best beauty products. Apart from these available products, there are granny favourite, age old beauty tips that can be followed at home rather than hitting parlour every weekend. Beauty tips are not only restricted to skin only, particularly face, for a complete makeover, girls focus on every aspect from hair, to face and to feet. Thus, it takes a strict regime for regular time period apart from diet restrictions to give you shiny hair and glowing skin. Every person has a different skin type and thus, it becomes necessary to know the skin type and then go for make up as per your skin type.

If you surf the market, there are probably millions of cosmetics online that can attract you. But one should be very careful of the cheap makeup that online stores offer. They may appeal very attractive as per the advertisement and sometimes false reviews that you can read but can leave a lasting impact on your skin if not suited like skin rashes , allergies etc. It is always advisable from the experts to use natural skin care products to keep the side effect of the chemicals used in cosmetics to minimum. Following are the simple beauty tips that can help you get that glow like celebrities:

Beauty Tips for Girls –  Hair Care

  1. Every one desires long, lustrous and shiny hair. Diet plays a pivotal role, not only for over all health but also for hairs. Following diet including chicken, fish, fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables and yogurt along with Vitamin E rich food products improves the hair growth and texture.
  2. Choosing a shampoo as per the hair type is the key step towards healthy hair. Always try to use a mild shampoo that doesn’t deprive the hairs from the natural oils and that doesn’t make your hair look frizzy after every wash.
  3. Remember that shampoo cleanses your hair and therefore, you can not make them soft by applying ounces of shampoo. Restrict yourself from using large quantity of shampoo for every wash.
  4. Conditioning is the second important step to be followed religiously after every hair wash. Apart from conditions available in the market, egg is the best conditioner that you can use for your hair, that too for every hair type. The fats and proteins present in the egg yolk acts as an excellent moisturizer and also keep the scalp oil in check.
  5. Beauty tip for itchy scalp– Stress, climate and daily work load can lead to itchy scalp. Lemon juice and olive oil can work wonder in cleansing the itchy scalp. Lemon juice helps in removing the flakes and olive oil helps in moisturizing the scalp. Apply a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice and water, keep for 15 minutes and wash off as usual to get a cleansed scalp.
  6. Damaged Hair– UV rays and harsh sun rays damages the hairs. Honey acts as a natural repairer for the damaged hair. Honey, along with anti bacterial property, conditions the hair. Always use lukewarm water to wash the hair.
  7. Volume of hair– to add volume to the hairs, beer and egg is the perfect remedy. Leave a mixture of beer, oil and egg for 15-20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.
  8. Massaging the mashed avocado can help in controlling the frizzes in the hair.
  9. Dandruff- It is the most common problem related to hairs. Though there are several shampoos available in the market along with expensive treatments, the problem can well be treated at home by using brown sugar. Mix brown sugar with conditioner and apply on hair.
  10. Hair fall – Falling of hair is one problem that constantly worries us. It is generally due to variations in temperature our hairs are exposed to. Apart from eating healthy diet, aloe Vera can be used to treat the hair fall as it bring the pH balance back to normal and helps in cleansing the pores of the scalps so as to control the hair fall.

Beauty Tips for Girls –  Skin Care 

Skin is another vital organ of the human body. Skin, along with associated muscles help in protecting the delicate organs and also, plays a pivotal role in determine the appearance of the individual. Thus, skin care is of the utmost importance, particularly if you expose your skin to daily wear and tear. Some of the skin care tips can help you to rejuvenate the skin naturally at home, thus sparing you from the use of cheap make up.

  1. Keeping the skin clean-Among the very first beauty tips and tricks, keeping the skin clean is the main factor. If you want to maintain the glow of the skin, it is essential to wash it at regular basis to keep the dirt and impurities off the skin. This will prevent the skin from breaking out at regular intervals. Instead to using variety of fancy skin care products, it is wise to use mild cleaning agent that can wipe off the impurities easily. Avoid using anti bacterial soaps as they contain harsh chemicals. Instead of cosmetic products, you can use natural skin care products for your daily beauty regime.
  2. Cleansing of the skin– Cleansing is the first step in the daily skin car routine of cleaning- toning and moisturizing. Cleansing not only means removing dirt and dead cells but also to remove the make up that you have applied before going out. As going to bed with make up put on is probably the worst thing that you could do to the skin. The make up clog the pores of the skin and thus leaves the skin irritated next morning.
  3. The next skin care tip is toning– Toning is essential to restore the pH balance of the skin and thus protecting it from bacterial and fungal infection.
  4. Moisturizing the skin– the third step in the beauty tip is moisturizing. After cleansing and toning, skin is left drier and thus, there is need to apply moisturizer to restore the suppleness of the skin.
  5. Select the moisturizer as per the skin type – Natural skin care products are readily available for dry, oily and normal skin types. Choosing the right moisturizer is the first step towards the radiant skin.
  6. Exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells adds an advantage to daily skin care routine. Exfoliation should be done at regular interval. Natural scrubs are perfect to exfoliate the skin. Make sure that you do not over exfoliate the skin as that can lead to acne problems.
  7. Drinking ample of water – this is one golden tip to which everyone should stick to. Not only for clear, healthy skin, but for the healthy body also. Drinking plenty of water removes the toxics generated in the body. Lukewarm water, with lime juice and teaspoon of honey work wonders for the body.

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