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Benefits of black tea

Benefits of black tea 

If you like indulging in caffeinated drinks like tea, you must be cautious about the quantity in which you take your favourite drink. Most often, people are advised as not to get addicted to these drinks, but there is some good news to tea lovers, having an extra cup of black tea is not harmful. In fact, due to benefits of black tea, it is often said that you can go for that extra cup of tea. Black tea is derived from the shrub named as Camellia Sinesis. The leaves of the shrub under go the regular process of tea making like withering, rolling and heating and finally they undergo the process called fermentation before the last step of heating. Benefits of black tea are discussed as below:

  1. Healthy teeth: it has been found that black tea can improve the oral health.  Black tea helps in prevention of formation of plaque. Black tea has also been found to restrict the growth of bacteria that may result in cavities as well as decaying of tooth. Black tea contains Polyphenols that help in killing the bacteria and also to restrict the action of bacterial enzymes resulting in plaque formation.
  2. Happy heart: black tea leads to healthy heart. People drinking black tea regularly have lower risk of heart strokes as compared to people drinking other caffeinated drinks.
  3. Goodness of anti-oxidants: most of the benefits of the black tea are associated to the anti-oxidants present in it. Anti-oxidants present in black tea helps in blocking of DNA damage, particularly the damage caused by tobacco and other toxins. Since these anti-oxidants are unique from those found in our daily diet of vegetables and fruits, they are bonus to the total anti-oxidants that we consume from our regular diet.
  4. Prevention of cancer: Polyphenols present in black tea help in preventing the cancer, particularly the cancer of ovaries in females.
  5. Bone health: black tea is very effective in keeping bones dense and healthy. With advancing age, the bone mass becomes less and bones become weak and thin. The benefits of black tea include the strengthening of bones. Regular black tea drinkers also enjoy the low probability of the development of arthritis.
  6. Diabetes: people who suffer from diabetes are often advised to regularly drink black tea.  The polysaccharides present in black tea works in slowing down the absorption of sugar in the blood.
  7. Black tea as stress buster: if you are felling stressed or tensed; better reach out for a black tea rather than fizzy drinks. Black tea helps in bringing down the levels of stress hormone, also known as Cortisol. L-theanine, an amino acid present in the black tea helps in relaxing the body and also to improve the concentration.
  8. Immune system: alkylamine antigens, present in black tea helps in boosting the response of immune system. Also, the tannins present in black tea act as potent fighters against various viruses thus protecting the body form diseases like flu, influenza etc.
  9. Boosts up the energy levels: since black tea has low caffeine levels in it, black tea helps in enhancing the flow of blood to the brain and does not cause an effect to the heart. Black tea also helps in stimulating the respiratory system and also the metabolism of the body.

What is black tea exactly? Black tea is just fully fermented tea. Black tea benefits also include its effect on the digestive tract. The therapeutic properties of the tannins in black tea reduce the intestinal illness. Due to health benefits of black tea, it has widely gained popularity over other caffeinated drinks. There are different types of black tea particularly depending on the level of caffeine in black tea. In black tea caffeine levels are very low as compared to regular tea and green tea.

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