Blueberries health benefits- A Delicious Fruit For a Healthy Life

Blueberries health benefits

Blueberries health benefits

Blueberries are counted among the most widely consumed fruits around the world. Not just for the taste, blueberries are famous for the high concentration of antioxidants in them. Consuming raw blueberries are best way to get the maximum nutrition out of them rather than consuming them in desserts as they also tastes best when eaten raw and fresh. The colour of blueberries ranges from blue to purple. Also, blueberries are coated with a protective white coloured layer that protects the fruit flesh. Some fantastic blueberries health benefits include the following:

  • Blueberries as source of anti-oxidants- the major factor contributing to the blueberries nutrition are the presence of anti-oxidants in abundance. Blueberries are very rich in anthocyanin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and B complexes. These act as very strong anti-oxidants. Other minerals present adding up to blueberries health benefits include copper- which has anti-bacterial properties and contributes in building the immune system, selenium, iron and zinc. A strong immune system means you are less likely to catch common colds, flu, poxes as well as viral and bacterial infections.
  • Blueberries Neutralizes the effect of free radicals: presence of anthocyanin and Vitamin C in blueberries makes them the strongest anti-oxidants agents among fruits. These anti-oxidants fights with the free radicals released in the body during various biochemical processes. These free radicals have damaging effect on the body and also lead to ageing.
  • Blueberries help in reducing abdominal fats: blueberries health facts include the presence of Catechins. Catechins have the ability to activate the genes responsible for fat burning, particularly in the abdominal cells of the body. Thus, blueberries help in loosing weight, particularly the abdomen fat.
  • Blueberries keep the urinary infections at bay: building up of bacterial colonies like B.coli along the urinary tract can lead to urinary infections. This can lead to other complications like burning sensation and inflammation. Blueberries have heavy molecular compounds that help in preventing the bacterial growth. Also, the anti-bacterial properties of blueberries help in keeping the bacteria away from the urinary tract.
  • Eat blueberries to preserve your vision: anthocyanosides present in blueberries help in slowing down the loss of vision. They help in preventing and delaying the age related vision problems like cataract, macular degeneration, myopia and other retina related problems.
  • Healthy brain: blueberries health benefits include the positive impact they have on the brain and central nervous system. Anthocyanin, Vitamin A and B complex, selenium, zinc, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and manganese works by preventing the death and degeneration of the neurons and other brain cells. Blueberries also help in keeping the central nervous system of the body healthy. If you wish to have sharp memory, then do not forget to include blueberries in your food chart.
  • Blueberries for healthy heart: Since blueberries have high fibre content along with anti-oxidant properties, they are able to dissolve the bad cholesterol molecules, thus keeping the cholesterol level in check. When cholesterol level is in check, your heart is healthy. Also, blueberries help in strengthening the cardiac muscles.
  • Aides in digestion: the fibre rich blueberries help in the keeping the process of digestion smooth. Also, the various vitamins and minerals improve the digestion process.


Growing blueberries is easy. Since it is also a must eat fruit, you can always try to grow it in your backyard. Blueberries ripen on shrubs. Blueberries bushes are very beautiful giving you a landscapist view. Blueberries nutrition is not the only reason for you to have this fruit. They are great in taste and strongest cancer fighting anti-oxidants among fruits. Blueberries health facts are known across the globe, which makes them so desirable fruit. Apart from eaten as raw fruit there are numerous dishes and recipes in which blueberries can add flavour like blueberry muffins. Blueberries can add delectable taste to muffins. If you wish, you can make low fat blueberry muffins by replacing the butter with canola oil and using fat free milk or even butter milk. Blueberry beer has unconventional flavour unlike common beers and thus is famous among the beer drinkers. Similarly, blueberries are used to make cocktails like blueberry tea which served hot and is made by using blueberries and liquor

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