Damaged Hair Treatment – Get Back Your Gorgeous Looks

Damaged Hair Treatment
Damaged Hair Treatment

Damaged Hair Treatment for Instant results

Just as your body goes through regular wear and tear, so does the hairs. We spend couple of hours daily to take care of our skin with the help of both natural and chemical based products. But what we do about our hairs? We generally leave our hairs on the mercy of our shampoo and conditioners and feel that we have done justice with them. The end result of all this can be seen in the form of damaged hairs.  When we face the truth of damaged hairs, we went on looking for ways to get back our shiny smooth hairs. Damaged hair treatment requires essential care with several important steps to be followed carefully. Also, when you have restored the health of your hairs, make sure that you do not repeat the same mistake twice of taking care of your hairs very casually. Damaged hair treatment can be done with the help of following steps:

  1. Wash hairs properly: washing is very important aspect of the hair care. Firstly, note that too much washing can also damage the hairs. Hair should be washed as and when required and this should be limited to twice or thrice a week. Now, depending on your hair type, select a shampoo. Be careful while you pick a shampoo from the super store shelf. Always try to buy products having natural ingredients in them so that you can wash your hairs in the natural way. Do not apply too much shampoo on your hairs and particularly not on one spot. Rinse your hairs very well so that all the shampoo gets washed away. This is because if the shampoo is left behind in the hair, it leads to problems like dandruff and itchy scalp that can damage the hairs. Conditioning is the next important step in the damaged hair treatment. Use conditioner on the hairs and move towards the end of the hairs. Do not apply conditioner on the scalp. Leave the conditioner for few minutes and then wash your hairs.
  2. Brush up your hairs: brushing hairs is very important and more important is to follow the right method of brushing. While you brush your hairs, be gentle on the tangles. Ripping the tangles apart leads to hair damage. Detangling should be done in careful manner so that it does not break the hairs. Opt for the hairs styles that reduce the exposure of hairs and keep them together like ponytails and braids.
  3. Protein treatment: damaged heat treatment can be done using protein treatment for hairs. Proteins helps in rebuilding the natural proteins of the hair called keratin. Protein treatment also helps the hair in retaining more moisture. Deep protein treatment can be made at home by mixing banana, honey, mayonnaise and aloe Vera.
  4. Limited use of chemicals: one of the very first advices that you get while treating your damaged hairs is to limit the use of chemicals on your hairs and if possible, avoid them altogether. Chemicals are the main reasons of damaging the hairs. Avoid the use of blow dryers, straightener and other chemicals on your hairs. if you are planning to colour your hairs, always opt for natural colours like henna  and indigo depending on your hair colours.
  5. Weather watch: if you trying to repair your damaged hairs, here one tips that can always come in handy- carry a cap or hat or scarf whenever you move out of your shed. This is because extreme weather conditions have damaging effects on the health of hairs. Cover them with hat or scarf when you are moving out in a hot summery day. Also, while swimming, apply conditioner before you take a dive in the pool. This will help in protecting your hairs from the chemicals used in water pool.
  6. Regular trimming: even though you are using the best hair care products, you may sometimes feel cheated with the quality of the hairs. Also, remember if you planning to grow your hair make sure you get them trimmed after every two to three months. This is because, trimming removes the damaged hairs and split ends even though it reduces the hair length that you have grown. Removal of the split ends promotes the growth of the healthy hairs.
  7. Diet for healthy hairs: healthy hairs demand healthy diet. Hairs need essential fatty acids for their growth. Thus it becomes important to include foods like avocados, salmon etc. the vital nutrients present in foods help in stimulating the growth of the hairs.
  8. Apple cider vinegar mask for damaged hairs: we all know the various benefits that apple cider vinegar can have on our health. Now is the time to look at the benefits that it can have on our hairs. Dry hair treatment includes the use of apple cider vinegar mask on the hairs at least once a week. It is the perfect home remedy for your damaged hairs as apple cider vinegar help in putting the lost life back in your hairs.
  9. Botanical oils: apart from the natural oils produced by the glands in the hairs, there are several essential oils by which you can condition your hairs. Olive, almond and jojoba oils are very helpful in treating the damaged hairs and these oils are easily available. Massaging your scalp with these oils helps in deep conditioning of the hairs and allows them to quickly recover from the damage.
  10. Spa and other treatments: apart from the home remedies for the damaged hairs you can also take the help of the spa and other therapies for dry hair treatment. While spa not only relaxes your body, it also helps your hairs to get back into their natural shine by providing them all natural nutrients and oils. Spa therapies are becoming famous these days as they allow you to spend some time in peace while your hairs are recovering in natural way. Make sure you select a good spa parlor and check for the ingredients that they are using on your hairs before you indulge in some spa.

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