Dating a married man- do’s and don’ts

Dating a married man- do’s and don’ts

Falling in love with a married man? Before anyone can asks you how is the feeling of love, there is always an advice – you should have fallen in love with a married man. It is just not right. Well, here comes the thing: the very first tip that a woman can hear for dating a married man is do not start your relationship with a man who is already committed to some other woman. And here comes, your excuse also, its love, and you can not help it. You would give endless excuses and put the blame on your heart and it is the culprit who can not control your emotions and you have fallen for a married man.

dating married man

A woman who is having a relationship with a married man should be prepared to live a life of secrecy. Since, this relationship and not legally as well as morally true, you are bound to be outcaste if your secret comes out in the open. Apart from your close friends, who may understand your feeling, colleagues and even family members will not be able to give you emotional support. Also, you can not enjoy the freedom of spending time openly with your love. A dinner date, an evening stroll etc are quite impossible for even him as he is the one who can not and will not acknowledge his relationship in open. Dating a married man is right or not depends on your perception but here is the list of things for which you should prepare yourself strongly:

  • Your time will always be outweighed with the family time: even though, your partner says he loves you a lot, probably more than his wife, he will not compromise his family time with kids and wife at home to spend it with you. If you are planning a weekend getaway with him, please do not be heartbroken if he plans to take his kids on camping rather than enjoying it with you. You will always be second on his priority list. He will not risk his married life for you.
  • Your life with him will always be a secret: if you are planning to go around with him openly, then you are dreaming a dream that will not com true unless he marries you after taking a divorce which he probably will not take considering the family and financial risks. So, you are bound to hide your love life with him, live in secrecy and sometimes even play a hide and seek among yourself in order to hide your identity as a second woman in his life as well as his identity as an unfaithful husband. He may be very caring and loving towards you, keeps you happy all the time but he will never openly acknowledge his love for you and will never allow you to meet his family or friends.
  • He will never move with you abandoning his wife: if you believe that the man loves you so much and he can do anything for you, you may have come under the perception that he will leave his wife and kids, if he have to move in with you. It’s not going to happen. Stop fooling yourself around. Even talking about this topic can end your relationship; no matter how much nice is the guy. They have one simple rule: he is not going to ruin his married life because of you.


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