Difference Between Men and Women

Difference between men and women

Men are from Mars and women are Venus

But this is not the only difference.  In fact, the very base of the existence of life on earth is the differences between men and women that balance out each other. We are not talking about the physical or bodily differences, we are considering the differences of how men and women react or respond to every situation that they face how they tackle things in life. The reaction comes from thinking which originates from mind, how the brain works for men and women.  The real reason for differences between men and women is the disparities in their brains. It has proved scientifically that male and female brain function differently as also vary in sizes.

As per the research, it has been established that in females, there exists very strong connections between the right and the left hemispheres of the brain.  On the other hand, in males, the connections are very strong among front region and the back regions. The left side of the brain is responsible for logical and rational decision making and in men; left side of the brain is pre dominant. Women, uses both the right and the left side of the brain equally. The major differences between men and women can be summed up as follows:

  • Size and connections in the brain: though the interconnections in the women’s brain are more, the size of the men’s brain is around 8% bigger than the women’s brain. Men can work better on pattern predictions and problem solving etc, while women are apt in analysing the big picture as well as in situational thinking.
  • Expression of emotions: limbic system in humans is responsible for expressive in touch and emotions. The comparatively large limbic system in women makes them more comprehensive and empathic in thinking as compared to men counterparts. For men, it becomes difficult to understand the emotions that are not explained verbally even though they have more logical thinking. That’s why; men tend to ignore the information that is not pertinent. Also, on the other hand, women can easily understand the whole view of the situation but their emotions tend to overpower their logical thinking ability and thus can change their decisions.
  • Task management: here is one difference between men and women where women surely overpowers men. Women can easily juggle between different tasks whereas men can perform only single task at one time.
  • Language and sounds: women can easily recognize different type of sounds and words. Thus, women always have better experience when learning new languages as compared to their counterparts who tend to have difficult time in learning new words and languages.

differences between men and women

  • Social context: we often scrutinize men that they do not interact as women do at social gatherings. This is because women are good in interactions as well as in social thinking and thus tend to go along well while mixing up with the society. Women have better skills of communication and men find it easy and fun to have their own company rather than being surrounded by bunch of people.
  • Direction sense: we often see men making fun of women drivers and their driving skills as they are not usually at par with men. There is scientific reason behind it: men have better ability to recognize and memorize the geographical locations and also good visual-spatial memory which make them better drivers as compared to women.
  • Memory: if you are man and you tend to forget your wife’s birthday, don’t blame your feelings. Its just have to do with your brain. Women are better in keeping memories and remembering everything and there is no love factor behind this. The only factor for a better memory is hippocampus of the brain, which larger in women then men. Thus, women can easily remember names, dates, faces etc.
  • Risk factor: endorphins and pleasure sense make the men take bigger and greater risks. Women, on the other hand, do not easily take up risky adventures. This is because , male brain receives more endorphins when they sense risk and the rewards associated with the risk.

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