Dry Hair Treatment – For Silky Smooth Hairs

Dry Hair Treatment
Dry Hair Treatment

Dry Hair Treatment To Make You Feel Good

What are dry hairs? The hairs which have lost their texture and shine due to lack of moisture are called as dry hairs.  Out of the three layers of hairs, when the outermost layer gets damaged, it leads to dull and dry hairs. Also, the sebaceous glands are responsible for discharging the hair oil in the hairs is connected to oil follicles. Removal of this natural oil also leads to dryness. We often take shortcuts when we have to go out for party or any other occasion and get our hairs styled but what if we maintain the healthy hairs so that they themselves look gorgeous. Yes, it’s true. When we take care of our hairs properly, they gain back their shine and lustre adding stars to your personality. Though there are several dry hair treatments available in the market, we should always try and opt for natural and best hair care products to be used on our hairs:

  1. Apple cider vinegar: apple cider vinegar is very commonly used for home dry hair treatment. Use apple cider vinegar for your head and scalp massage at least once a week to get the gorgeous hairs. Apart from its use as a massage, apple cider vinegar can also be used as a conditioner for hairs after shampoo.
  2. Eggs: eggs are the healthiest foods that you can give to your body. For healthy hairs, apart from eating them you can also take the benefit of their direct application on hairs. For dry hairs, egg yolk can be used s both moisturizer as well as conditioner. For rough and dry hairs, egg white can be applied on hairs before shampooing. For massaging the scalp, you can also mix egg with yogurt.
  3. Magic of coconut oil: for dry hair treatment, coconut oil is best. Massage of coconut oil or warm coconut oil in to the scalp and hairs can work very well to treat the dry and dull hairs.
  4. Yogurt: you can take yogurt as natural conditioner for the dry hairs. Yogurt can be used as a mask for the hairs or can be mixed with olive oil to be applied on hairs.
  5. Milk: milk is a powerhouse of nutrients with abundant minerals, vitamins and proteins. These nutrients help in strengthening the hair cells and follicles and thus make them shiny and smooth. Healthy nourishment to hairs leads to the growth of healthy hairs.
  6. Avocado for dry hair treatment: avocado, containing numerous essential nutrients is often referred as super food. The various nutrients present in avocado include Vitamin A, E, K and D along with iron, magnesium, copper and potassium. Avocado is also a good source of proteins and amino acids. Biotin present in avocados helps you to get strong hairs.  For treating dry hairs, apply hair mask made from avocado and eggs.
  7. Banana remedy: bananas are counted among best hair care products available to us naturally. This is because bananas are very good source of Vitamin A, C and B. along with vitamins they are also great source of several other nutrients like iron, potassium, manganese as well as biotin. Since carbohydrates and potassium are present in abundance in bananas, they are widely used for making dry hairs soft. Bananas also protect the elasticity of the hairs.
  8. Rosemary oil: rosemary oil is very beneficial for the overall health of the hairs. Rosemary oil is used for treating the extreme dryness in the hairs. Rosemary oil can be used as massage oil for the scalp. It improves the circulation of blood and provides nourishment to the follicles of hair, there by making them strong and healthy. Rosemary oil helps in promoting the growth of the hairs.
  9. Lavender oil: dry hair treatment can also be done using essential oils like lavender oil. Lavender oil acts as an excellent moisturizing agent for the scalp.  Apart from moisturization, lavender oil also has cleaning properties. Lavender oil works by regulating the oil glands thus controlling the secretion of oil. Apart from treating dry hairs, lavender oil is also helpful in controlling the dandruff and other problems like hair fall.
  10. Aloe Vera: use aloe Vera for healthy scalp and hairs. Aloe Vera helps in making hairs more manageable. The sticky nature of aloe Vera gel helps in smooth the hairs by providing moisturization to them as well as by conditioning them. Aloe Vera can either be used for deep conditioning massage or it can also be used as a hair mask.
  11. Avoid heat treatment: if you are suffering from dry hairs, and often use blow dryers and hair straightener on your hairs, think twice before you pick them up next time. Heat treatment can be the worse thing that you can do to your hairs. it can work occasionally but regularly exposing your hairs to extreme temperature make them brittle and dry. Try to avoid using these instruments and let your hair dry out naturally so that they do not loose their moisture.
  12. Sunlight: harsh sunrays also have negative effect on the hairs. When you step out for work out of your home or wandering in sunlight, make sure you take precaution for your hairs along with your skin. Always carry umbrella or hat for protecting the hairs from direct sunlight. You can also use scarf and wrap it around your hairs for protecting them from sun.
  13. Warm water wash: many of us like to take hot water bath and why not, after all it’s so relaxing after a tired and long day. But for hairs, you should always use warm water or you can also use cool water. Pouring very hot water on your hairs lead to dryness as the hot water strips the hairs of the natural oils, making them dry and dull. Cool or warm water helps in locking the moisture in the hairs and add shine to them. You can also add essential oils like lavender or castor oil in your water to provide the hairs with the essential oils. For damaged hair treatment, this trick will help you to get healthy hairs.

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