A Guide to Treat Dry Skin around Eyes

Dry Skin around Eyes
Dry Skin around Eyes

Eyes are the most expressive part of our face.  Nothing can convey emotions much clearly than our eyes. But as time passes, the skin around our eyes tend to get dry which may cause wrinkles. The earliest signs of wrinkles appear around our eyes. Many times we suffer from dry skin on eyelids too.  Dryness on and around eyes can be treated together with some easy methods which are safe for eyes and prevents eye irritation, flakiness and roughness. Since eyes are very delicate, it is always safe to follow some natural skincare remedies and balanced diet to treat dry skin around eyes.Let us have a look at some of those remedies below:

What causes dry skin around eyes?

Dry skin around eyes can be caused due to many reasons. Skin disorder like eczema leads to dry skin on eyelids and the area around it making it rough and scaly. Poor hygiene can lead to painful sores around eyes leading to psoriasis. Overexposure to sun can lead to eye irritation, swelling, redness and dry skin due to sunburn. Other factor include climatic changes, our eyes tend to get dry as we suffer from dry patches of skin in winter due to lack of humidity in air. Excessive use of makeup and chemical products around eyes can also cause dryness around eyes.

How to treat dry skin around eyes naturally?

  1. Dry skin around eyes and on eyelids can be treated with natural home remedies. Firstly, keep your body hydrated all the time; drink a lot of water and seasonal fruit juices. This will prevent dehydration which leads to skin dryness.
  2. Massage eyes with natural moisturizers like cocoa butter, almond oil, honey, olive oil and coconut oil before going to bed at night. Avoid exposure to harsh weather conditions like extreme sunlight, snowfall. Always keep your eyes clean and splash cold water to eyes at least 2-3 times a day.
  3. Wear goggles while swimming to avoid contact with the chlorine water in pool. Do not rub eyes frequently.
  4. Avoid using cheap eye makeup. Change your mascara in every 3 months and eyeliner in every 6 months to prevent allergies and infections. Avoid using makeup if you suffer from prolonged skin dryness around eyes.
  5. Eat lots of antioxidant rich food like broccoli, spinach, almonds and walnuts. Take vitamin supplements and cold water fish like salmon as it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Increase the intake of vitamin E and K in your diet. All these are great food for dry skin.
  6. To tighten skin around eyes prepare a face mask beating egg yolk and mixing a tablespoon of honey to it. Apply this mixture on your eyes avoiding the eyelashes. Massage your left eye anticlockwise and then link the motion to your right eye and massage it clockwise. The motion should look as if you are drawing the figure “8” around your eyes.
  7. To treat eye inflammation, take two ice cubes, wrap them in a clean cotton cloth and dab it around eyes for some time. This will help to relax eye muscles and soothe optical nerves.
  8. Wake up every morning, sit upright and close your eyes. Move your eyeballs clockwise five times and then anticlockwise. Repeat thrice. This exercise will help to improve vision and relax eye muscles.

Common mistakes which causes eye dryness:

  • Sleeping with makeup on, using too much of eye makeup products and not removing makeup properly
  • Using too hot and too cold water to wash eyes
  • Using night creams with high level of chemicals
  • Sitting in front of television or computer for too long
  • Rubbing eyes too often or not washing eyes properly

Eyes are very delicate and wrinkles and dryness can make them look dull and unattractive. This is why it is recommended to keep skin hydrated and use natural products rich in essential nutrients. They not only improve our skin texture but also make them smooth and attractive. Eating food rich in vitamins, minerals, iron and fibres are also essential to maintain good health. Carrots contain beta carotene are considered best for eyes. Munch on some healthy foods and practice light eye exercises to get rid of dry skin around eyes.


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