Early signs of pregnancy – knocking of the good news

Early signs of pregnancy Are you expecting to become pregnant and your periods are delayed? Well, there can be good news knocking at your door. The most common sign of getting pregnant is the delay in the periods. If you are way past your periods or menstrual cycle date, then time has come for you to take the pregnancy test at home or pay a visit to the doctor.

When a woman misses her period for more than a week, her mind will revolve around the question as whether she is pregnant? Well, when you become pregnant, the body undergoes lots of changes that may not be prominent enough for some to guess the good news. Thus, only after you miss the period date for more than a week, you would like to go for the pregnancy test. However, there are huge changes that a body undergoes right from the start of the pregnancy. Thus, if you have planned the baby and have already done your homework well, look out for the signs that your body may be giving you.

There are several early signs of pregnancy like:

  1. Shortness of oxygen or breath: women generally do not pay attention to their shortness of breath that they might get after a walk or climbing of stairs. This happens because the foetus is consuming oxygen from your body and thus you feel the breathlessness due to the shortage of oxygen in your body.
  2. Changes in the breast: try to notice the changes in the breast – they may become bigger and comparatively heavier than before. Many women also feel that their areolas have become darker while they get pregnant. This is because the flow of the blood to the chest increases many fold when you become pregnant. Take the help of the supportive bras if you do not feel comfortable in your regular ones. The darkening of the areolas is very common early sign of the pregnancy and mostly women tend to pay attention to these changes. The reason behind the darkening of the areolas is the changes in the hormonal levels in the female body during pregnancy.
  3. Fatigue and tiredness: early signs of pregnancy also include getting tired very soon. This may be due to changes in the hormonal levels of the female body. The problem of fatigue is very common during the first trimester of the pregnancy; however it becomes less as you proceed towards the second trimester. The fatigue is the result of the hard work that your body is putting to keep the baby well. In order to fight the fatigue, you can try taking an evening nap to make you feel better.
  4. Morning sickness and nausea: nausea is counted among the very first symptom of the pregnancy. While you do not know whether you have become pregnant or not, if you are having constant bouts of nausea then perhaps you should go for the test. Morning sickness is also very common for the women during pregnancy. However, do not take morning sickness lightly if it becomes difficult for you to eat anything or if you are loosing your weight. Take the help of the doctor if symptoms are severe.
  5. Urination: the frequency of urination increases as you become pregnant. This is because, during pregnancy the level of the fluids go up in the body and thus the urinary bladder has to work harder. You tend to go for urination at short intervals as compared to when you were not pregnant.
  6. Pain in the back: if you do not have any history of backache and suddenly you realize that you are frequently having backache, this can be an early sign of pregnancy. The ligaments start to loosen up when you become pregnant thus resulting in backache.
  7. Food issues: there may also come some food changes with the pregnancy. Some foods can put you on while smell of some others can easily put you off. These food issues especially the smell of certain foods, are common during pregnancy. Try to stay away from the strong smells. Recommended food list for pregnant women.
  8. Bloating and constipation problem: your stomach will be become puffed up due to constant problem of bloating. Along with bloating, the other common problem that you might face as soon as you become pregnant is constipation. This is because of the release of the progesterone which results in slowing down the digestive system of the body. The progesterone is responsible for the relaxation of the muscles, specially the tissue of the smooth muscles of the Gastro intestinal tract of the body. This will lead to slowing down of the digestive system, thus more nutrients get absorbed. Thus , more nutrients will reach to the growing baby through blood supply.
  9. Swings in the mood: have you become more moody or get irritated and charged up very easily? Well, you can say that it is an early sign of pregnancy. How do mood changes are the result of the pregnancy? The changes in the hormone levels during the pregnancy results in the mood swings.
  10. Feeling of dizziness: fainting is the common signal of the pregnancy as you all have seen it in the movies and television soaps. But it is the truth. This is because of the low blood pressure or the sugar levels in the body that makes you feel dizzy. In order to avoid this, try to keep yourself well hydrated every time and take frequent small meals.
  11. Cramps and spotting: it is still not your periods date and you get a spot. This is due to the attachment of the fertilized egg to the uterus wall that you get a little spot. This is also known as implantation spotting. However, not every woman gets the implantation spotting. Similarly, cramps in muscles are very common during pregnancy. The uterus starts expanding in order to prepare for the expansion during pregnancy due to which you get cramps.
  12. Basal body temperature: the early signs of pregnancy also include the constant increase of the basal body temperature. The oral temperature is little bit higher during the ovulation till you get your periods. And if the high temperature becomes constant, this may be an indication of the pregnancy.

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