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Hair Care Tips
Hair Care Tips

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We all love long hairs. Beautiful hairs, long or short make us stand apart from the men. Hairs are one organ we love to flaunt in different styles and colors. Though women are usually blessed with healthy hairs, they tend to loose their sheen with the exposure to harsh environment and minimal care they get over the period of time. Few of us believe that daily hair care tips can helps us to get back our healthy hairs but this may not work sometimes as the damage can be vast. Thus, hairs require special care from time to time to maintain their health. Some hair care tips that can work wonders to your long locks are as follows:

  1. Wash care for hairs: washing is an important step towards healthy hairs but washing should be done as per the requirement of the hairs. Washing hair daily can be hazardous to their quality as it may lead to drying up of the hairs. Cosmetic shampoos leach out the natural oils present in the hair and thus lead to damage. The frequency of shampooing should be limited to twice a week or alternate days. Again, if your lifestyle requires you to wash your hairs daily, you can try to opt for natural shampoos that can cleanse your hair without drying them out.
  2. Selection of shampoo: the next important step in the hair care is the selection of the perfect shampoo for your hairs. We all should admit that we get attracted to the fancy bottles and perfumed aroma of the new shampoo bottles on the shelves of the superstore. But have we checked the contents of the shampoo that we are planning to buy? We should always check the chemicals present in the shampoos before trying them on our hairs. Parabens and sulfates are two common chemicals present in shampoos. Parabens act as preservatives and can cause irritation in the eyes. Shampoos should also be chosen as per the hair type like coarse and curly hair requires the shampoo that can minimise the frizz and also softens the hair. Similarly oily hair needs daily cleansing and thus gentle shampoo is required. Women who have dry hair should opt for shampoo that has collagen and glycerine as they help in restoring the moisture of the hairs.
  3. Selection of conditioner: the next hair care tip that should be followed is the selection of the conditioner as per the type of the hairs. Deep conditioning of hairs is necessary at least once a week to keep the hair shiny, soft and healthy.
  4. Vinegar help for hair: this simple home tip can give you shiny hair. Apply apple cider vinegar mixed in lukewarm water to your hairs for few minutes prior to shampoo. Then wash off your hairs normally. Using apple cider vinegar can help in the treatment of dandruff as well along with helping you to get back the shine of the hairs.
  5. Moisturization of hairs: this essential step of moisturization is not just limited to skin. Hairs too require the optimum moisturization from time to time. Oiling the hair for overnight or even a few hours before the shampoo can work wonders for your hairs. The trick is to choose the oil suitable for your hair types. As per the hair types, you can go for coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, lavender oil or even a mix of these oils.
  6. Natural drying of hair: few of us are very fond of the bow dryers use it on our hairs very often. Well, the truth is that bow drying is not good for hairs and can lead to split ends as well as frizz. After washing the hairs, use soft fabrics like cotton to wrap up your hairs to soak the water from them. This is because towels can also be harsh on the hairs as they are made of rough fabric. Natural drying of the hairs are best and even if you are required to use the bow dryers , try using them at the lowest temperatures supported by them so as to avoid the damage from the heat.
  7. Brush up of the hairs: we feel that brushing too often can soften up our hairs. Okay, brushing the hairs has its own benefits like promoting the growth of the hairs by stimulating the hair follicles but over brushing has its cons too. Too much of the brushing can lead to damage of the hair strands resulting in split ends.
  8. Trim – an important step: trimming is another hair care tip that should be religiously followed to maintain the health of the hairs. To counter the problem of split ends, trimming is the best way. Trimming of the hair should be ideally done once in two months.
  9. Style: we like styling our hairs for every occasion. Styling does not affect the hairs like damaging them but if the hairs are exposed to extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals while styling it can lead to hair damage. Straightening, colouring and bleaching of the hairs should be avoided as it leads to damage and hair fall. Use of tight rubber bands, or pulling back hairs tightly put strain on the roots and cause ripping out of the hairs from the follicles.
  10. Healthy eating for healthy hairs: when we eat healthy and follows healthy lifestyle, it not only shows on our skin but also on our hairs. Vitamin C is important for strengthening the air. Other minerals important for healthy hairs include iron for transportation of oxygen, zinc for repairing the damaged tissues and omega-3 fatty acids for healthy growth of hairs.
  11. Lead a stress free life: it is said that when you are stressed or freaked out, it shows on your face. Well, it also shows on your body as well as on your hairs. Leading a stress free life is necessary for healthy hairs and to prevent the hair fall.

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