Happy wife-happy marriage-happy life

Happy wife-happy marriage-happy life

A happy wife is a way to lead to happy life. All men swear by this phrase. Though for husbands wives can be confusing and way more difficult to handle, but they do not have any other way out. You need to and must keep your wife happy if you want your life to sail peacefully for the years to come. Sometimes you may find your wife arguing with no reason – here is what you should do. Say her sorry and tell her that the fault is yours. Trust us, this is the only way to avoid yourself getting tangled in a fight for which you may not even know the reason. Thus, there are few things that should always be followed with the wives to keep them happy and more importantly, calm.

Check List to make wife Happy for  happy life

  1. Talking to your wife: most of you find it most difficult but if you continue to avoid normal day-to day talking, she will take the revenge by bursting on the weekend. So guys, make sure you take out time, few minutes during your office hours and some time after getting back home to indulge in talking with your wife. If you just go, hit the sofa with remote in your hand, one day your supper will surely taste sour for you. Also make sure, these minutes are not the last minutes of the night before you doze off.
  2. Show her your interest: often men ask how to make a wife happy? Well, here is the answer to make her happy. Show the interest in her. If she is dressed up, compliment her. Do not be so engrossed in your morning news that you fail to notice that she may have put up in your breakfast. This will make her feel neglected and her mood can just take a twist. Try notice small changes, even though she may have just changed her nail paint. Now, she often talks about random things, feeling and emotions she has and every other thing under the sky. Try to give her your inputs and do not ever give her a blank expression. Also, it’s alright to correct her if she has got some wrong facts but do not belittle her while doing so.
  3. Pour the affection: its not like she is getting old, you too must be going bald with her increasing waistline. This does not mean one should stop loving or showing the affection towards each other. A small kiss, momentarily hug can do wonders with wives. It is probably enough to lift her mood; cheer her up on a gloomy day and to put her faith in you again and again.
  4. Leaving a love note: does your wife often complaint that you are not romantic? Here is a way to make your wife happy. Try putting your thoughts on a paper. You do not have to be poet or use those cheeky lines from somewhere to make an impression. You will easily get caught if you copy something. Remember, she is your wife. So, try to be truthful. Pen down your feeling of appreciation and love for her in your own words and surprise her by sticking them around her before you leave home. This will surprise her and make her day.
  5. Take the help of coffee date: what happen to the days when you two hit the café every weekend. Remind her of the good times by taking her to same old coffee café and make her feel special. To make you wife happy, arrange for some surprise gift or experience to make her feel special. Just give a though of how much effort she puts in to keep the home running. This will make you feel grateful towards her hard work and thus, you will surely love to care for her. Romantic dinners are also good options.
  6. Compliment her: she may have changed over the past years and may be not as beautiful as she was at the time of wedding. But she should still be same for you. To make your wife happy, tell her from time to time that she is still beautiful and also will remain the most beautiful woman in your life. Women love to hear the compliments regarding their beauty and it is always best when it comes from a caring and observant husband.
  7. Take some responsibility of the household work: she alone is not responsible for doing all the household work. But then, to make your wife happy, and to give her some relaxation and personal time, try to take on some household responsibilities occasionally. This does not mean that you need to take a day off from your work, a simple activity of arranging dishes before dinner, refilling water bottles etc can be of great help to her.
  8. Give her the confidence that you are always with her: wives often take unnecessarily worries and easily loose faith. If you see your wife is worried about something, make sure that she is comfortable in sharing it with you, assure her, and help her in bringing her out of the worries.
  9. Gifts are the way to a woman’s heart: this is the fact that you all must have known from the time even before you get married. Why forget it now? Wives love gifts. To make them happy, just drop a bouquet of flowers or some unexpected gift on the days that need not to be her birthday or your anniversary.
  10. Make sure that you are open to her: it becomes irritating for your wife to hear a single word answer from you. Thus, be elaborative. Even if you are worried or thinking about something and she pops up a question, make sure to give a satisfactory reply to her so as not to make her angry.

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