Health benefits of Bananas – A Power Packed Fruit

Health benefits of Bananas

Health benefits of bananas

Banana, the most consumed fruit on earth, is also one of the most power packed fruit that you can consume. This yellow curved fruit is widely and easily available all over the world. From common people to athletes, from kids to elderly people, banana is everyone’s fruit because of the health benefits associated with it. This delicious fruit is cheap as per the price concern as well as available all around the year. The mass of people prefer it over other fruits not only because of the banana nutrition benefits that it provides but also to curb hunger, rather than grabbing any burger or pizza slice. All other fruits generally have rich vitamins and minerals content but they may not help you to get the feeling of fulfillment when your hunger pangs bite you. Among the numerous health benefits of bananas following are the few:

  1. Inclusion in weight loss diet: trying to find the foods that will fit in your weight loss regime? Do not forget to include the bananas. Bananas are sweet in taste and thus prevent you to jump on the sweets and ice creams whenever you have a craving for something sweet. Also, bananas help in maintain the sugar levels of the body while working out. Bananas are not rich in calories but give you a feeling of fullness after consumption and thus are included to maintain a balanced diet.  The rich fibre content of banana helps in aiding the digestion. Rich in pectin, the bananas help in chelating the heavy metals as well as toxins present in the body. Health benefits of banana include the per biotic properties which stimulates the growth of bowel bacteria. The high fibre content of bananas helps in bowel movement.  Another health tip related to bananas is that they are natural antacids and provide relief from heartburns. Banana helps in relieving the ulcers of the stomach. They form the lining around the stomach walls against the corrosive acids.
  2. Smooth Functioning of heart: the most common healthy breakfast ideas are to include this yellow fruit, banana, in it. Having banana in breakfast provides the body essential nutrients to keep the functioning of heart normal all day long. Since banana is very rich in potassium, it helps in maintaining the fluid balance of the cells. Normal electrolyte balance as per the body needs keep the heart beating at normal levels. Thus bananas form essential component of heart healthy diet. Also, if you are looking for diet for lowering blood pressure, bananas are must as they maintain the fluid balance of the body.
  3. Source of Vitamin A for healthy eyes: another health tips including bananas is that they have considerable amount of Vitamin A which essential for eyes protection. Also, it helps in improving the vision during night. Macular degeneration, a condition in which the vision is gets blurred, can be prevented by including bananas in daily diet.
  4. Strengthening of bones:  even though bananas are not very rich source of calcium, but they do help to keep the bones strong. Abundance of fructooligosacchrides in bananas helps in production of digestive enzymes that improves the absorption of nutrients, particularly calcium.
  5. Treatment of skin and hair problems: health benefits of bananas are not just limited to the pulp fruit; its skin is also equally useful particularly for the treatment of hair and skin problems. Acne and psoriasis skin problems can be treated using banana skin. The hair masks formed by blending the banana skin along with other natural ingredients bring back the lustre to your damaged hair.
  6. Reducing the level of stress: do you often feel low? Try to grab a banana. Bananas have abundant quantity of tryptophan, a chemical which is a precursor of serotonin which is also referred as feel good hormone of the body.

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