Health benefits of fish oil: Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Health benefits of fish oil

Health benefits of fish oil

Fish oil is derived from the fat layers of the cold water fishes. The health benefits of fish oils are numerous. You can directly obtain the benefits by eating fish or by consuming the fish oil supplements. Health benefits of fish oil are mainly due to presence of high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil is generally derived from fish like mackerel, lake trout, rainbow trout, swordfish, oysters, halibut and many more. Type of fish decides the quality of the fish oil. Fish oil helps in keeping down the inflammation. The wonderful health benefits of fish oil are discussed as below:

  1. Fish oil for heart health: the presence of essential omega – 3 fatty acids helps the fish oil to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Fish oil also helps in keeping the concentration of bad cholesterol or LDL in check. Fish oil is also responsible for reducing the concentration of triglycerides by preventing their accumulation. Fish oil has also been associated with the prevention of heart stroke.
  2. Enhancement of protein synthesis: omega – 3 fatty acids, through fish oil have significant impact on the protein synthesis of the body. The EPA, one of the major omega-3 in fish oil helps in increasing the synthesis of proteins. EPA plays two different roles related to muscle growth in the body- it helps in stimulating the protein synthesis on one hand and on the other hand, it helps in reducing the protein breakdown.
  3. Weight management: fish oil is common among the group of people trying to loose weight. Fish oil helps in improving the effectiveness of the exercise.
  4. Fish oil Improves immunity: health benefits of fish oil also include the strengthening of the immune system of the body. Fish oil enables the immune system to resist the attack of diseases like cough, cold and flu. The omega- 3fatty acids in fish oil affect the amount as well as the activity of cytokines in the body.
  5. Anti-inflammation agent: fish oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in reducing the inflammation in tissues and blood. Fish oil is also used in the treatment of Celiac diseases, disorders related to gastro intestine and inflammatory diseases related to bowel system.
  6. Fish oil for arthritis patients: fish oil is often used for treatment of rheumatism and arthritis. The fish oil actually reduces the requirement of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. For people suffering from osteoarthritis, fish oil plays an important role in preventing the destruction of cartilage by limiting the enzyme’s impact.
  7. Relief from anxiety and depression: omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil helps in providing relief from stress, anxiety, mental fatigue and several other nervous disorders.
  8. Hair care: consumption of fish oil leads to healthy strong and shiny hairs. This is because the omega-3 fatty acids present in fish oil nourish the hair follicles and help in development of new hairs as well as in reducing the loss of hairs.
  9. Improvement of brain health: DHA present in fish oil is essential for pregnant women as it helps in the development of brain and eyes of the baby. Fish oil helps in avoiding the premature birth and also miscarriages. Pregnant women can consume the fish oil by either eating fish or having the supplements of fish oil to have the adequate quantity of DHA in their diet.

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