Health benefits of Ginger – The Wonder Herb

Health benefits of Ginger

Health benefits of Ginger 

Ginger, the wonder herb is very ancient herb, which is being used from thousand of years because of the health benefits associated with it. Apart from the health benefits of ginger, the aroma and the spice quality of the ginger makes it a must add on spice in food-varying from beverages, starters and the main course meals. Ginger adds special flavour in everything. Ginger is underground stem product, also called rhizome of the ginger plant. Ginger rhizomes are available in different varieties which can be in white, yellow and sometimes in red colours. Due to health benefits of ginger, it is being used in every household as fresh or in dried or powdered form. Sometimes, ginger is also used as in juice or oil form. The various health benefits of ginger include:

  1. Relieving gastrointestinal stress: one of the most common uses of ginger is in treating the intestinal problems ginger, also regarded as herbal medicine works by eliminating the gas from the intestine and also relaxes the intestine. Ginger extract can be used to treat the motion sickness. Ginger tea is best after a huge meal, to prevent the bloating.
  2. Controls nausea and vomiting: morning sickness giving you jitters in your pregnancy period? Take the help of ginger. This old time advice is the best medicine for treating your morning sickness and giving you a head start for the long day. Use of ginger for nausea treatment is best home remedy. Chewing fresh ginger in the morning will help in controlling the nausea feeling entire day. Keeping nausea away while travelling is the best ginger tea benefit that you can avail from this wonderful drink. Ginger tablets are consumed for controlling motion sickness.
  3. Works as anti-inflammation agent:  ginger is a source of very strong anti-inflammation agents called as gingerols. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger make it a very good medicine for treating the arthritis pain. Ginger tea health benefits include the reduction in pain and enhancement in mobility for the people suffering from rheumatoid or osteo arthritis. Apart from ginger tea benefits, the soaked ginger can be used for treating the joints as well as muscle pains.
  4.  Ginger helps in Boosting the immunity of the body: among the many benefits of ginger tea, an important one is boosting the immune system of the body, thus strengthening the body thus helping it to fight the attack of the various diseases. Consuming bit of fresh or dried ginger daily helps in reducing the risk of stroke, primarily by reducing the deposits of fat in the arteries.
  5. Ginger for respiratory problems: there is always logic behind the consumption of ginger or ginger tea during cold or when ever you suffer from sore throat, cold or cough. This is the perfect home remedy followed in every household fro treating the initial stages of cold and cough. The health benefits of ginger include the removal of congestion. The anti-histamine property of ginger extracts helps in inhibiting the contraction of airways as well as stimulation of the mucus secretion. Ginger tea is the perfect medicine to treat the congestions of the throat and the nose. Also, consumption of ginger juice along with honey helps in treating the asthma attacks.
  6. Improves the absorption of nutrients: Ginger helps in digestion by stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes by the stomach and pancreas. This helps in absorption of nutrients by the body. Ginger aides in breaking down of proteins. Other ginger health benefits include prevention of the stomach from ulcers by stimulating the secretion of mucus.
  7. Loss appetite: do you often feel dull just before the meal or are you losing your appetite? Try ginger juice before the meal. Ginger helps in improving the appetite by stimulating the digestive juices secretion.
  8. Improving circulation of blood: apart from reducing the risk of strokes and heart attacks, the amino acids, minerals and vitamins present in the ginger improves the blood circulation of the body, thus keeping cardiovascular problems at bay.
  9. Reduction in menstrual pain: menstrual period is troublesome time for all the women, particularly those suffering from menstrual craps. The pain is unbearable. Ginger helps in reducing the menstrual pain. Try to consume ginger tea to relieve the pain or you can try putting a warm towel soaked in ginger water around the abdomen.

Ginger supplements are readily available in the market these days to substitute for fresh ginger if you have difficulty in laying your hands on the fresh ginger. These ginger substitutes are available as ginger pills, ginger capsules are made from fresh ginger or dried ginger. You can also add up ginger in your daily life by following simple ginger recipes like including it in your tea as ginger tea, adding it up as herb in your salad, using it for flavour in your meals etc.

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