Health Benefits of Grapes- A Humble Fruit

Health Benefits of Grapes

Health Benefits of Grapes

Red, purple and green in color- the delicious grapes catches everyone attention from kids to adults. This small finger food is very good for hydration for its high water content. This small fruit is packed with essential nutrients and at the same time has very low calories. The various health benefits of grapes can be attributed to the presence of flavonoids which are very strong anti-oxidants. Grapes have become an important component of our diet and help us to lead an active life. Several health benefits of grapes include the following:

  1. Grapes act as strong anti-oxidants: grapes consist of polyphenolic photochemical called as resveratol. Resveratol act as a powerful anti-oxidant and plays very active role in protecting against prostate and colon cancer.
  2. Healthy bones: important health benefits of grapes include strengthening of bones. Grapes are powerhouse of various micro-nutrients like copper, manganese and iron. These micronutrients play vital role in strengthening the bones. Also, regular consumption of grapes helps in delaying the onset of several age related disorders like osteoporosis. Since grapes are good source of manganese, there consumption allows smooth functioning of various body functions like collagen synthesis, protein metabolism and functioning of nervous system.
  3. Prevention of heart diseases: grapes help in preventing the clotting of blood by increasing the level of nitric oxide in the blood. Thus grapes effectively reduce the chances of heart attacks. Preventing the oxidation of LDL is another important function played by the oxidants in the grapes. This does not allow the blocking of blood vessels. The colour of the grapes is due to the presence of flavonoids- resveratol and Quercetin. These anti-oxidants work by negating the free radical effect.
  4. Relief for migraine patients: it is well known health fact that drinking grape juice, without diluting it with water can actually help you to cure the migraine. The grape juice should be drunk first thing in the morning. Grape juice, packed with numerous nutrients helps in maintaining the chemical balance. 
  5. Constipation: one of the common problems but sometimes difficult to cure. Health benefits of grapes include providing relief from constipation and this is because the grape can work as laxative fruit. Presence of organic acid, cellulose and sugar helps in relieving the constipation. Also, grapes help to tone the muscles of stomach and intestine. Grapes are excellent source of insoluble fibre which allows easy excretion.
  6. Removes fatigue: hundreds of people suffer from the problem of fatigue. This may be due to low iron levels in the blood. Grapes help in keeping the levels of iron and other nutrients in the blood at the optimum level. Grape juice acts as instant energy booster.
  7. Prevents kidney disorders: grapes helps to reduce the pressure handled by kidneys by reducing the uric acid’s acidity. Grapes also work in eliminating the acid from the body. Grapes act as a cleaner due to its high water content.
  8.  Blood cholesterol:  grapes work towards lowering the levels of the cholesterol in the blood.  This function is attributed to the compound called pterostilbene.
  9. Grapes as anti-bacterial agents: health benefits of grapes also include their antibacterial as well as anti-viral properties. Red grapes are well known for their anti-bacterial nature. The anti-bacterial properties of grapes have been found useful against the herpes simplex virus and the polio virus.
  10. Protection against Alzheimer’s disease: Polyphenols resveratol in grapes helps in protecting against the Alzheimer’s disease by lowering the levels of amyloidal-beta peptides.
  11. Healthy vision: Grapes help in reducing the risk of macular degeneration of the eyes. Grapes also help in maintaining a healthy vision over period of time.
  12. Boosts up immune system: packed with several vitamins like Vitamin C, vitamin A and K, grapes boost the immune system of the body. A strong immune system ensures that you do fall sick with common cold, cough and flu and also keeps various infections at bay.
  13. Cataracts: The anti-oxidant natures of flavonoids present in grapes prevent the free radical damage. The free radicals released in the body leads to conditions like cataracts.
  14. Asthma: the high water content of grapes can provide relief to asthma patients by increasing the presence of moisture in the lungs and reducing the risk of asthma attacks.

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