Health benefits of mango- The king of Fruits

Health benefits of mango

Real Health Benefits of Mango

Summers are often associated with variety of sumptuous fruits which it brings along like watermelons and mangoes. Who does not like mangoes? Probably every one on the earth must be great fans of this delicious fruit. Mangoes are truly the king of fruits and are most widely consumed fruit of the world. Mangoes come in different colour, flavours and shapes. Their creamy and sweet taste makes them favourite fruit of everyone. Mangoes are so tasty that sometimes while eating them we often forget their nutritional values. Not just taste, mangoes can be called as numero uno among the fruits when it comes to the health benefits associated with them. Health benefits of mangoes include the following:

  1. Mangoes fight against cancer: mangoes are rich in anti-oxidants like Quercetin, astragalin, isoquercetin, methyl gallat and gallic acid. These anti-oxidants play important role in protecting against leukaemia, colon, prostate and breast cancers.
  2. Maintains low cholesterol level: another important health benefit of mango is that they help in keeping the cholesterol level of the body in check. The high levels of pectin, fibres and Vitamin C in mangoes help in keeping the low levels of serum cholesterol. Also, potassium present in mangoes help in controlling the blood pressure as well as heart rate.
  3. Mangoes for clear skin: girls can particularly relish on this sweet fruit for the fact that mangoes help in getting a clear and glowing skin. This health benefit of mango is attributed to the factor that mangoes help in unclogging of the pores and thus reduces the outburst of acne. Also, mangoes work for every skin type.
  4. Alkaline effect of mangoes: there are several alkaline compounds present in mangoes like malic acid, tartaric acid and also citric acid. These compounds help in maintaining the body’s alkalinity. This provides the digestive enzymes the right atmosphere to work.
  5. Eye care with mangoes: mangoes are rich source of Vitamin A and thus are very good for the eyes. Eating a mango can supply 25 percent of your daily supply of Vitamin A. thus, mangoes help in maintaining good eyesight, prevent eyes related problems like dry eyes as well as night blindness.
  6. Assist in weight loss: losing weight is another health benefit of mango to look out for. The richness of vitamins and nutrients allows the body to feel full after eating mango. Also, there are lot of fibres present in mangoes that aides the process of digestion.
  7. Mangoes help to regulate diabetes: mangoes help to people suffering from diabetes by regulating the levels of insulin. Mango leaves are generally boiled in water and then the water is consumed to control the insulin levels in the body. Also, the low glycemic index of mangoes means you do not have to worry much about the increase in the level of blood sugar after the consumption of mangoes.
  8. Aphrodisiac property: due to aphrodisiac related health benefit of mango, it also commonly called as love fruit. High levels of Vitamin E in mangoes help in regulating the sex hormones as well as in boosting up of sex drive.
  9. Aides in the process of digestion: along with papaya, mangoes are counted in the list of fruits that aide in digestion. The enzymes present in mangoes in digestion of proteins by breaking them down. The fibres present in mangoes help in digesting the food as well in eliminating the waste.
  10. Perfect remedy during heat stroke: if you suffer from heat stroke during summers, mangoes will come to your rescue. Take a green mango and make a juice of it by adding some cool water and natural sweetener. Drink up this delicious juice get relief from the heat stroke. You can also preserve this juice in concentrated form and consume in daily to prevent the heat strokes.
  11. Mangoes Strengthens the immune system: mangoes are power house of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and 25 different kinds of carotenoid. They form a prefect combination of nutrients to boost the immune system and to make it strong to fight against infections.
  12. Brain health: other important health benefit of mango is associated with effect on brain due to abundant amount of Vitamin B6 present in mangoes. This Vitamin helps in amalgamation of neurotransmitters.

Mangoes can be consumed in various ways like they can be eaten fresh and raw or can be converted into juice or can even be preserved and consumed as pickles. Mango juice is also famous among the lovers of this fruit as it is one refreshing drink that can cool you down in hot summers. There are several benefits of mango juice like it helps in cleansing the skin, boosting the immunity, providing relief from heat stroke. Other mango juice benefits are – good source of iron, maintain the blood pressure and keep the cholesterol levels down. Mango weight loss facts are attributed to the high concentration of the nutrients packed in it. When you consume this fruit, you are taking a diet low on calories and high on nutrients which help you to loose weight. Thus mango diet is good for you if you are planning to loose some weight in summers. When it comes to mangoes, diabetes people can also feel happy as they can enjoy this sweet fruit without worrying for calories.

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