Healthy breakfast options for pregnant women

When you know that you have become pregnant, you take every step with great caution. With the pregnancy, you have the responsibility of keeping the growth of the baby healthy on the one hand and simultaneously paying attention towards your health to keep up with the growing stress. When a woman gets pregnant, her entire life schedule changes – from what to eat and what to wear, also how to walk and sit carefully with the growing baby and every small thing. All the focus is given to the unborn child. The priority should be given as how to complete the nutritional requirement for the healthy development of the baby. After getting pregnant, you can not just eat anything at any time and surely, you can not give yourself into the crazy food cravings that you have from time to time. The meal has to plan as per your body requirement.

While you are pregnant, on an average you need 300 extra calories in a day to maintain a healthy pregnancy. The meal has to be properly planned as per your body requirement. The extra calories that you need should be included in the first meal of the day rather than during the later half of the day. Having a healthy breakfast will help you to keep the energy levels up throughout the day. Breakfast for the pregnant woman should include everything from dairy foods, whole grains, proteins as well as fruits for essential nutrients.

Proteins For Life

              healthy Breakfast options for pregnant women

Proteins are the most important nutrient element required when a woman is pregnant. Proteins are vital for the healthy growth of the baby. Since the growth of the baby is very rapid in the last two trimesters of the pregnancy, diet rich in proteins is essential during this period. Eggs are very good sources of proteins and can be easily added in the breakfast to have a complete protein-rich breakfast for the pregnant woman.

 After proteins comes the carbohydrate. Carbohydrates should be included very carefully in the breakfast as they can easily add up the calories and can be a reason for the unnecessary weight gain. The body digests complex carbohydrates slowly as compared to the simple carbohydrates.  Whole grains are better as compared to the wheat or the white bread options as they can keep you feel full for the longer period of time. Oats combined with the fruits of your choice can also become a good breakfast option for a pregnant woman. Breakfast rich in whole grains also helps you to get enough iron required during the pregnancy. 

Whole grains in the breakfast

Dairy products

Dairy products are an excellent source of calcium which is an essential nutrient required during the pregnancy. Calcium is necessary for the healthy growth of the baby’s bones, nerves and also muscles. There are several ways by which you can add dairy products in your breakfast like having the low-fat milk with your choice of whole grains. Yogurt can be a good option.You can combine yogurt with the choice of fresh fruits.  Orange juice is also a very good source of calcium. Apart from calcium, orange also provides Vitamin C, which is required for the development of the strong immune system.


Most of us like fruits and when you can add them as per your wish in your breakfast, nothing can be better than that. The fresh fruits are not just yummy in taste, but they are very good source of fibre. Fibres keep your stomach full throughout the morning till noon and thus make you feel energetic. If you are frequently facing the problem of constipation during the pregnancy, then fruits are a must for you. Fruits are good sources of potassium, folate and Vitamin C. You can choose your favourite fruits like banana, fresh berries and oranges and include them in your regular breakfast.

 A healthy breakfast is must to get you going the whole day. Thus, it is one meal that you can not miss or mess with. While you are pregnant, you need to focus on how to have a balanced breakfast. Breakfast for the pregnant woman needs to pack with the nutrients. Some healthy breakfast options include the following:

  • Cinnamon Apple Oats: this is one classic recipe for the breakfast that you can have just after waking up. However, you need to prepare this to some extent before going to bed. Take the milk of your choice, preferably lot fat and pour it over the oats and then add some cinnamon as per your taste. Cover it up and refrigerate it. When you get up, just slice one apple and nuts of your choice and put them in the oats bowl, your power-packed nutrients rich breakfast is ready.
  • Favourite egg wraps: the egg wrap is an old favourite recipe for the breakfast for all of us. You can easily prepare one scramble egg using a little oil. You can add some veggies of your choice like spinach or any other green vegetable. Place the filling in the tortilla and your wrap is ready to be enjoyed.However, it is preferable that you use the whole wheat tortillas for the wraps.
  • Cheese sandwich with pear: another breakfast recipe that pregnant woman would love to try is the pear sandwich along with your favourite cheese. Take two slices of brown bread/ multigrain bread or you can also take a muffin. Slice a pear to half and place it between the bread. Put some cheese over it and microwave it for few minutes.
  • Eggs combined with bacon: this classic breakfast recipe can be used by the pregnant woman also. Eggs are regarded as the complete meal and you can use them as per your taste with your desired seasonings.

A good breakfast will help you to start your day not only energetically; you will have to put less stress throughout the day on making up for the nutrients. Those extra required calories and all the essential nutrients can be very easily included in the breakfast and will give your day a head start.

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