Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Ever wondered why there are so many gyms, aerobics hubs and yoga centres popping up in every nook and corner of your area? This is a result of chain reaction. Reaction, which started with unhealthy lifestyle, with irregular heating habits as its components leading to health disorders at an early age. And then, when our physician, tells as to work out, we need the help of gyms, aerobics and even yoga at the very least. From where this all started? Well, we can not just blame everything to technology. Technology – boon or beast? When it reduced our work, it’s a boon. And when it reduced ability of body to fight disorders, it’s a beast. Thus, don’t blame technology for your belly; the only one to be blamed is you only.

We do not generally pay heed to lessons thought to us in our high school related to importance of maintaining healthy lifestyle and thus as we enter in work life, we work like a dog, focus on our career and forget our body needs. It is only when, a pain or an dysfunction occurs, we remind ourselves that we are mere mortals and thus need to take care of our body to support us in leading a healthy life. Now, the most common health disorder that we see is obesity i.e. inappropriate weight as per the age and body height. Especially women, suffer from this as they tend to take shortcuts with the eating and work out habits while trying to juggle between home and work. When you are young, you can easily maintain your weight but as the age increases the capacity of the body to digest and utilize everything that you gulp down decreases leading to gain in weight.

The simplest rule that you need to understand for weight management is: when you intake more calorie than you burn, they will add up to your weight. Burn more calories, consume less. And you will loose weight. Some healthy weight loss tips are referred here that you can easily follow in your hectic lifestyle to maintain your weight:

Sure shot remedies to loose weight 

  1. Change in diet as per the lifestyle: firstly remember, one size does not fill all. It means, you may want a body like your favorite star but your body structure may not support it. Simply becoming lean is not the goal; the goal is to be healthy. It’s perfectly fine to be a little plump and healthy rather than being stick lean and unhealthy. Putting hard effort is mandatory to get desired results. You must have heard all about detox diets and other quick diets that claim to help you loose up the fat in just few days. Remember, being healthy is not for days, it’s for lifetime. Even if it takes you month to become fit, follow the healthy techniques to get the permanent change in your lifestyle.
  2. Eat at regular time intervals: studies have shown that eating at regular time intervals help you to prevent hunger pangs. Also, try to never miss a breakfast. Breakfast is one meal that should not be missed also should be rich in calories. Consuming high calorie food at breakfast helps in burning the calories during later part of the day. Do not consume huge calories in dinner as your body does not have sufficient time to burn them and thus, it keeps on piling.
  3. Go slow and steady: take out time to analyse your lifestyle and diet. Focus on time management and pre decide the time that you can dedicate to working out. Never force yourself beyond the limits to get the results. It’s okay, if you do not get drastic weight loss in your first week. Do not push yourself. Habituate yourself to the healthy lifestyle.
  4. Motivation: setting achievable goals is very important. If you set goals that you already know are impossible to achieve, you will get de motivated very easily. So, set goals that can motivate you to become healthy.
  5. Tools help: with so many health related gadgets around you, take the help of the techniques to track your report. Weigh yourself regularly to see the results of your hard work.
  6. There is one logical saying these days– healthy diet leads to weight loss. So, if you find yourself enticed by the so called “fad-diet” , restricts yourself as they have been proved to be having very deteriorating effect on your body on long term basis. These diets often result in failure because:
  7. The fad diets or the quick weight loss diets cuts out your entire intake of food – carbohydrates, fats, proteins. It is virtually impossible to follow, and even if you manage to follow it, it is downright unhealthy and you feel deprived.
  8. You may loose weight as there s severe restriction of calories intake in such diets, but as soon as you get back to your normal eating habits, you gain lots of pounds as your body was craving for food.
  9. These diets are not easy to buy – Special juices and shakes. Exotic vegetables and other supplements are not easy to afford and thus you tend to loose out your hard earned money.
  10. Emotional eating: here is one quick weight loss tip for women – not too gulp down your favourite food when you are emotionally high or low. When ever you feel stressed out, bored or lonely or even euphoric, do not take the help of refrigerator. Emotional eating does not satisfy your hunger and you always tend to over eat and thus leading to gain in weight. When you are in trouble emotionally, try dialling your friend or family, rather than dialling for a pizza. You can also take the help of yoga, exercises or meditation and spa to calm yourself.
  11. Pay attention to what and when you are eating: this is one healthy weight loss tip that should be made into a rule to be followed by everyone. We are so busy in our life that we feel that eating is a secondary activity and thus we can do it while completing our other important works. Thus, we tend to eat while we are driving, working, preparing files, or even while catching up our favourite shows. Have we not discussed that healthy body is source of healthy living? Thus, eating should be our primary activity and should not be converged with any other activity. When we are engrossed in watching our favourite show, we do not focus on our hunger. We feel that whatever that is in our plate should be finished and thus we do not listen to the signals that our stomach sends to our brain to stop eating beyond the requirement. Avoiding the temptation is the rule here.
  12. Chew your food properly: chewing helps a lot. When you chew your food nicely, half of the work is done and rest stomach will take care. Gulping down large bites slows down the digestion and thus, weight gain is unavoidable.
  13. Including fibre, fruits and vegetables: this is probably the best idea for weight loss. Just include your lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and see the wonders hat they do to your body. High fibre foods, take long time to digest and thus help you in feeling satisfied for longer time. Whole grains like pasta, wheat, popcorns are great source of fibres. To make your diet more colourful, opt for rainbow colours: include berries, plums, leafy vegetables, strawberries in your salads.
  14. Keeping a count of calories can be tedious and also it becomes virtually impossible to know the exact count of the calories for the very bite that you gulp in. fruits and vegetables can bring relief here. You do not have to worry to worry about calories intake while eating your veggies as they generally contain very high water snd fibre content and thus tend to give you full feeling, even when you can have a little more. Thus, you end up consuming fewer calories as compared to what you would have though.
  15. Now, that we have suggested you to opt for fruits and vegetables, we would like to give you tips to make them interesting so that you can enjoy your meal. Do not fry your vegetables. If you like nuts, add it up to your salad, use salad dressings cautiously. If you want, you can also add low fat cheese and olive oil to satisfy your taste buds.
  16. Do not overindulge yourself: if you are on diet, indulge yourself occasionally but never over indulge. You must be confused? Okay, here is the answer. We as human beings have some tastes and interest that we can not swap for anything else, that too with tasteless things. So, instead of torturing your body by depriving yourself, indulge in your favourite dish occasionally and cautiously. You can always make your favourite dish healthier like adding bunch of fresh juices with your ice-cream, cutting out on sugar in your bakery products and making up the loss with essence.

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