Home Remedies For Hair Growth – The Natural Way

Home Remedies For Hair Growth
Home Remedies For Hair Growth

Home Remedies For Hair Growth

For long hairs, you may find thousands of products on the shelves of superstores but there is nothing best than some age old home remedies for hair growth. Very often we fall into the trap of the fancy long hair care products claiming wonderful results that they may show on your hairs. It is not that all the products are harmful or can have bad effects on the hairs but there are only few products that can actually improve the quality of your hairs. However, when hair growth home remedies it can be said that they are actually beneficial for the hair growth as well as for the quality of the hairs. Apart from their positive effects, there are rare chances that they can cause any harm to the hairs. Natural ways to increase hair growth are:

  1. Hot oil massage: nothing works better for hairs than hot oil massage of the scalp at regular intervals. Massaging of the scalp improves the circulation and thus it further leads to stimulation of hair growth. Rubbing the fingers on the scalp in circular moves and applying the pressure along with it helps in opening the blood vessels and increases the flow of blood. Hair massage can be complimented with hot oil as oil helps in reducing the dandruff and has easy penetration up to the shaft of the hairs. You can also apply the hot only directly on the scalp or hairs and then use the wide toothed comb for hairs. This also helps in evenly distribution of the hair oil.
  2. Use of rosemary: rosemary as a herb has excellent effect on the hairs. it is counted among the best home remedies for hair growth. It works by promoting the growth of the hairs and also helps in strengthening the roots. The anti-oxidant properties of the rosemary help in boosting the growth of the hairs and also help in eliminating the dandruff. Another unique feature of rosemary is that it helps in reversing the loss of hairs due to presence of silica and sulphur. Rosemary helps in increasing the circulation of blood to the scalp and also helps in unclogging the blocked follicles of hairs.  Rosemary can be mixed with any hair oil like coconut oil, almond oil etc while massaging the hairs. Rosemary water can also be used for rinsing the hairs after shampoo.
  3. Castor oil: the presence of omega-9 fatty acids along with Vitamin E makes castor oil so helpful in facilitating the growth of the hairs. This thick hair oil is natural way to increase hair growth as it helps in moisturizing the hairs, adding volume to them as well as in preventing the frizz. Castor oil also helps to speed up hair growth by fighting and preventing the infections of scalp. You can mix castor oil along with any other base oil like coconut oil or almond hair oil. This helps you in giving the better consistency as well as in making it easier for application.
  4. Eggs: eggs are another home remedies for hair growth that are widely used across the globe. Eggs work on simple rule – they are the powerhouse of proteins and hairs are made up of proteins called keratins. Thus eggs are very helpful in promoting the hair growth. Mix egg yolk and olive oil and apply on the head as a mask. Leave the mixture for some time and then wash with shampoo.
  5. Lemon juice: lemons are excellent natural food products that can be used for promoting the hair growth. Lemons are very good source of Vitamin C along with Vitamin B and several other nutrients. Lemons are also very good source of anti-oxidants. All these make lemon perfect to speed up the hair growth. Lemon juice helps in promoting the growth of shiny, smooth as well hairs that are free from dandruff. Massaging of lemon juice helps in stimulating the circulation and also helps in preventing the loss of hairs.
  6. Juice of beetroot: beetroot vegetable is full of carotenoids, proteins, Vitamin B along with C, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and silica. Drinking juice of beetroot is a home remedy for hair growth which can be used by everyone to get long and healthy hairs. Beetroot juice can also be combined with cucumber or carrot juice.
  7. Fish oil: use of fish oil is one stop solution for hair problems. Fish oils are rich source of omega-3 fatty acids helps in promoting the growth of smooth and shiny hairs. Fish oil supplements can be used for healthy growth of hairs.
  8. Coconut milk: another natural way to increase the hair growth is the use of coconut milk. Coconut milk is a source of numerous nutrients like magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, iron, Vitamin B, C and E. Coconut milk helps in providing nourishment to the hairs by promoting the growth of hairs and preventing the hair loss.
  9. Use of onion: you may not like the smell of onions but they are very good for your hairs because of the presence of sulphur. Sulphur in onions helps in promoting the collagen tissue production. Collagen tissues help in the growth of the hairs.
  10. Apple cider vinegar: how to get long hairs?  Hair growth home remedies also include the use of apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar helps in stimulating the follicles of the hairs and allows them to grow fast. It also promotes the hair growth by cleansing the scalp as well as by balancing the pH of the hairs. Washing or rinsing the hairs by apple cider vinegar helps in promoting the hair growth.
  11. Potato juice: potatoes are the food for healthy hairs. When we talk about potatoes, it can be said that they are perfect home remedy for hair growth as potatoes can be found in every kitchen. Potatoes are very good source of certain nutrients like Vitamin A, B and C. dry and brittle hairs indicate the lack of these vitamins. Application of potato juice before washing the hairs can do the trick and provide nutrients to your hairs. Then you can wash your hairs with shampoo after rinsing the potato juice.

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