Honey health benefits – Magic nectar

Honey health benefits

Honey health benefits

Honey – the nature’s nectar from ancient times is being used by human beings all over the world. Honey has found way in our lives many years back with so many health benefits that it has become essential part of our diet. Honey is regurgitation product of bees of the nectar of flowers, though a very smooth golden colour liquid. Honey health benefits are countless but the fact that it can be consumed so easily make it a must have in our diets. Various health benefits of honey include:

Energy Booster – whether it is a pre workout meal or post workout, a tablespoon of honey can work wonders in boosting your energy to a new level and help you to go a bit longer. Honey is very effective in boosting the energy levels of the body and thus enhances the performance. This is because; the glucose from the honey is readily absorbed by the cells as compared to fructose. Athletes, on the other hand, consume honey as it prevents the fatigue of muscles during exercise.

Building immunity – the best health benefit of honey is probably this one – it helps in boosting and building the immunity of the body. A strong immune system is the base pillar of the healthy and happy life and honey forms it’s stepping stone. The anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties of honey lead to a healthy digestive system. For many people, honey with lemon juice in lukewarm water, every morning acts as a cleansing tonic. The antioxidants present in honey removes the free radicals present in the body thus helping the body in fighting against potential diseases.

Bucket of minerals and Vitamins: it is a known fact that honey contains more calories than sugar, but on the other side, if we compare the vitamins and minerals content in the sugar, they are nil as compared to that of the sugar. When it comes to nutritional value of honey, it can be said that it is a good source of vitamin C, iron as well as calcium.

Antiseptic properties – one of the medicinal honey uses is that it can be used as antiseptic due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Health remedies – there are thousands of health remedies in which honey is used. These include:

  1. For daily burns and cuts- the antibacterial properties of honey make it a very good agent for treating the cuts and wounds. Since honey can easily absorb, moisture it is used as first aid in treating wounds. The antibacterial properties help in preventing infection whereas the anti-inflammation properties keep the swelling as well as pain in check. Manuka honey health benefits particularly include the wound dressing due to its high anti bacterial properties.
  2. Honey as sobering agent: if you have trouble in the morning, after having beer party at night, use honey to get rid of the alcohol effects. Honey performs the sobering action on the stomach and fastens the process of oxidising the alcohol.
  3. Sore throats: well, honey is one of the secret of musicians. They are in the habit of consuming it for their performances to clear the throat of any hurdles that may develop during the performance. Also, the antimicrobial properties of honey helps in killing the bacteria in the throat that gives rise to the soreness in the throat.
  4. Smooth skin with honey: the best honey use, for girls is that it is their way to smooth skin. Consumption of milk with a tablespoon of honey is followed in hundreds of countries by millions of women across the globe as honey leads to smooth beautiful skin.

Manuka honey is famous in the world for its deliciousness, dark colour, and for its antibacterial and anti-oxidant properties. Best Manuka honey is defined by their antibacterial properties. Manuka honey health benefits include healing of the damaged tissues due to infection, reducing the pain and inflammation etc. honey antibacterial properties are the result of hydrogen peroxide infused in honey by bees.

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