How To Get Long Hairs Naturally

How To Get Long Hairs Naturally
How To Get Long Hairs Naturally

Long shiny hairs are dream of every woman. Healthy diet is prerequisite for healthy and long hairs. To speed up hair growth, there are many methods that you could follow. However, it may take long time to grow your hairs up to the desired length as long hairs demands care and patience as well. There are hundreds natural ways to increase hair growth that are followed across the globe and they differ from culture to culture. But there are few evergreen tips that can help you out of you planning for long hairs.

  1. Regularly trim your hairs: when to come to long hairs, trimming is the most important part. You may feel weird by this suggestion but it’s true that if you regularly trim your hairs, it stimulates the growth of the hairs. Trimming helps in getting rid of the split ends which leads to breakage of the hairs. Removal of dead ends from the hairs help in growth of healthy hairs.
  2. Hot oil massage:  this is probably the best answer to “how to get long hairs”. Regular hot oil massaging of scalp works wonderfully to speed up hair growth. You can use different kind of oils like coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and castor oil for this purpose. Just heat up the oil and massage your scalp. It will not only give you the feeling of relaxation, but will help you in getting long, shiny, thick hairs. if you are struggling to find the answer to “how to increase hair growth”, here is the perfect answer , massage your hairs regularly for healthy and long hairs.
  3. Magic of egg white: eggs are probably the healthiest food that we can include in diet. Eggs are also essential for healthy hairs. Eggs have excellent healing properties and they help in replenishing and restoring the shine and softness of the hairs. Applying the egg white mask help in instantly making hairs stronger and strong hairs grow faster.
  4. Water: drinking water is vital part of healthy diet for not only healthy body but also for healthy hairs. Drinking water is the simplest of the natural ways to increase the hair growth. Drinking ample quantity of water helps in flushing the toxins out of the body. Also, when your hairs are hydrated well from both inside and outside, they grow healthily.
  5. Careful brushing: “brush as many times as possible” – may of you get to get this as an answer to the question – “how to get long hairs”. Our advice is that be careful while you brush your hairs. This is because over brushing or even brushing your wet hairs cause severe damage to the quality of hairs. Brushing in the morning and during bedtime once or twice is best as it helps in stimulating the blood circulation and keeps the hair follicles healthy for the growth of the healthy hairs.
  6. Minimum blow dry: though we all are in hurry to get to our work and while huge amount of time in carefully washing and conditioning our hairs, we do tend to take the shortcut of drying them by using blow dryers. However, if you plan to get long and healthy hairs, you should limit the use of blow dryers to the minimum. This is because blow dryer actually dries up the hair due to the hot air and makes them dry and brittle and prone to damage and breakage. Thus, it is advisable to let the hairs dry naturally rather them outing then through the blow dryer.
  7. Protein food: protein rich diet is very helpful in speeding up the growth of hairs. Protein rich food helps in improving the quality of the hairs making them thick, long and shiny. Eggs, meat, fruits as well as vegetables act as good source of proteins. Protein is also referred as food for healthy hair.
  8. Potato water for hairs: among the natural ways to increase hair growth includes the use of potato water. Lack of vitamins in the body often leads to dry and brittle hairs. Vitamin B, C and A are crucial for the hair growth. Potato water is rich in vitamins and is helpful in growing of hairs.
  9. Conditioning of hairs: hair conditioning is important step in treatment of hairs. A healthy scalp is essential for healthy and long hairs. Deep conditioning of the hairs helps in growth of healthy hairs. Conditioning the hairs regularly make them smooth and soft and gives you a way for healthy long hairs.
  10. Onion water: onions have more uses than just cooking. One of the best uses is that they can help you get long shiny hairs. Boil some onions in water and apply the onion water on your hairs for few minutes. Then rinse off. You can feel the magic of onion water in few days in the form of long hairs with wonderful sheen to them.
  11. Apple cider vinegar: apple cider vinegar is very useful for hairs. Applying apple cider vinegar mixed with water can actually help in growth of the hairs. They help in stimulation of the hair follicles and thus allow the hair to grow longer.
  12. Natural hair care: these days’ markets are flooded with long hair care products – both natural and chemical oriented ones. Be careful while you chose the products for your daily hair care. Chemical based products can be harmful for the growth as well as the quality of the hairs. try to keep the hair care to the natural level as far as possible as the natural ingredients not only helps in maintaining the hair quality but also improves the hair growth.
  13. Keep space in the hair wash: washing the hairs at regular intervals may help you to remove the dirt from the hairs but it also makes the hair brittle and dry. Also, since the chemicals in shampoos are so harsh, the hairs take a lot of revival time to get back in shape. Thus hair wash should be limited to twice or maximum thrice a week. Also, the use of natural shampoos can be beneficial.
  14. Use of scarves and hats: well, they are or may not be trend but they are for the protection of your hairs from harsh weather and pollution conditions. Make sure when you step out in summers especially that you cover your hairs with scarf or hat. Protecting the hairs from damage is the best way to allow them to grow faster and longer.

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