How To Increase Hair Growth: The Aim of Every Girl


How To Increase Hair Growth
How To Increase Hair Growth

Who does not want to get fuller and longer hairs, every body does. That’s why we give special care to our hairs. To get vibrant hairs, it becomes necessary to rejuvenate the hairs from time to time and to strengthen them. “How to increase hair growth” is a common question, asked by millions of people around the globe. It has many answers ranging from home treatments to clinical care of your strands. Increasing hair growth is easy if you just simplify the lifestyle and hair care methods rather then showering different chemicals on your hairs. It is not always necessary to go for chemical treatments for your hairs as there are plenty of natural ways to increase the hair growth.

  1. Healthy diet: eating healthy and nutritious diet is the most common tip that you get in an answer for the question – how to increase the hair growth. It does not matter how many bucks you are spending on the care of your hairs if you are not taking a healthy diet. Diet makes a big difference on body as well as on the hairs. Protein rich diet is vital for maintaining the growth and health of the hairs. Protein rich food like turkey, chicken, eggs, beans, nuts as well as soy products help promoting the production of keratin. Keratin acts as the building blocks of the hairs.
  2. Essential fats for the hairs: there are certain fats that are essential for the production of healthy hairs. Fats play an important role in processing the minerals and vitamins required for healthy production of hairs like Vitamin A, E, D and K. fats that should be avoided for healthy hairs include the saturated fats and hydrogenated fats.  On the other hand, omega 3 fats and plant oils have positive effect on the hairs growth.
  3. Zinc and iron for hairs: Vitamins alone do not work. They need minerals like zinc and iron for boosting the hair growth. Iron is necessary for transporting the oxygen to every cell of the body including hair follicles. Vegetarians can opt for lentils and soy products for getting the optimum iron content. Zinc plays an important role in repairing the tissues. It makes sure that the oil glands surrounding the hair follicles are working right. Roasted pumpkin, cocoa powder and dark chocolate are good source of zinc.
  4. Vitamin C for hairs: deficiency of Vitamin C is hazardous to the health of the hairs. Lack of Vitamin C makes hair weak and thus they are more prone to breakage. Vitamin C is necessary for building the collagen which is an essential component for hair growth. Vitamin C is also required for the absorption of iron as it helps in breaking down the iron molecules so that it can be absorbed easily. Thus, including Vitamin C rich foods is necessary for increasing hair growth.
  5. Limited styles: this may not be included in the natural ways to increase the hair growth but reducing the styling of the hairs to minimum is essential to maintain long and healthy hairs. Styling your hairs may make you look good for some time but it can have a very damaging effect n your hairs.  Application of chemicals and various serums can lead to thinning of hairs and further it leads to loss of hair hairs. Thus excessive styling should be avoided.
  6. No bleach and colour: bleaching and coloring of hairs is strict no no if you want healthy long hairs. The chemicals used in bleaching and coloring damage the structure of the hair strands and can lead to problems like hair fall. Similarly, blow drying or exposing the hairs to extreme temperatures leads to split ends and singe the hairs. How to get long hairs has simple answer- do not expose your hairs to harsh chemicals.
  7. Limited brush use: increasing the hair growth also depends on the way we comb and brush our hairs. You may fall in the trap of the myth that more brushing means more growth of the hairs but this is not true. Excessive brushing can lead to pulling out of the hairs from the scalp. Hairs should always be combed while they are dry and not wet. Wet hairs are more vulnerable to the damage. Use of detangling conditioner is a good way to detangle the hairs without damaging them.
  8. Clean hairs: now, shampooing plays a very important role promoting the hair growth. For long hair care, opt for a shampoo as per your hair needs and the one that has not too many chemicals in it. Cleansing of hairs should ideally be done not more than 3 to 4 times a week and it should always be followed by a deep conditioning to maintain the hair balance. Daily shampooing sucks out the natural oils from the hairs leaving them dry. People who are already suffering from dry hairs should use shampoo twice or thrice a week as they need to maintain the oil balance for healthy hairs growth. On the other hand, people with oily scalp can increase the frequency of the shampoo to four times a week as the accumulation of the oils will have negative impact on the hair growth. Shampoos that help in retaining the natural oils are more beneficial for the hairs.
  9. Hormone imbalance: hormone imbalance by certain medical conditions like pregnancy and menopause in women and high levels of testosterone in men can effect the growth of the hairs.
  10. Home remedies for hair growth: there are hundreds of home remedies that are followed in every part of the globe to increase the hair growth. These include use of natural products like coconut oil; aloe Vera and olive oil are very effective in maintaining the healthy hairs. Curry leaves have essential nutrients that help to strengthen the follicles of the hairs. Its also plays the role of anti-oxidant and is involved in promoting the new hairs growth. Rose petals act as soothing agents and also help in the removal of the flakes from the scalp. Neem is used for stimulation of the hair growth.

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