How To Make Hair Thicker – For Your Dream Styles

How To Make Hair Thicker
How To Make Hair Thicker

All of us have this desire at least at one point of life – to have long, thick and sexy hairs. Some people get the benefit of born with thick hairs while some of us have to work hard on our thin hairs o make them thick. The quality of the hairs is dependent on how our hairs were when we were born and then it varies as per the care we take care of them. In these stressful times, people often ignore their overall health along with the hair health and when we start seeing the symptoms like brittle and dry hairs, hair fall we realize that we had made a big mistake of ignoring the care that our hair deserves. We should be relying more on natural methods rather than pursuing shortcuts by using fancy products available in the market for our hairs. How to make hairs thicker has many answers depending on the way which you want to follow:

  1. Go the natural way: by this we mean, that you should avoid using the chemicals based shampoos and conditioners and other over the counter products that claim to be your hair’s best friends. These chemicals, even though they can clean the hairs and the scalp, are very harsh and have adverse effects on the quality of the hairs. So, if you are constantly worried that your hairs may get thin, buy natural products for your hairs. Most of the shampoos contain chemicals like laureth sulphates and sodium laurate – these chemicals acts as cleansing agents but they also suck out the natural oils from the hairs. This makes hairs thin and weak.
  2. Wash carefully: washing is an important aspect of hair care regime. Few of us believe that just like our body, our hairs need regular wash. Well, this is a myth that needs to be broken. When you wash your hairs frequently, the natural oils are also getting washed away. These natural oils are essential for the growth of healthy hairs. How to make hairs thicker has its answer in the shampooing technique that you follow. People who suffer from thinning of the hairs also have issues like dandruff and itchy scalp with frequent washing. However, dry shampoo can come in handy for washing the hairs. Dry shampoo is like a powder. It has many benefits like it allows the hair to keep looking fresh and also make hairs look thick.
  3. Essential oils massage: there are several essential oils for hairs like cedar wood, coconut oil, lavender and chamomile oil, jojoba oil, rosemary oil and many others. These essential oils help in thickening of the hair follicles. Deep conditioning of hairs with these essential oils is one of the best treatments that you can give to your hairs.
  4. Take gentle care of your hairs: if your hairs are tangled, be gentle on them instead of fighting with the hairs to get them detangled. Always use wide toothed comb for your hairs as it leads to less breakage. When your hairs are wet, try not to comb them as hard combing can make them weak and thin and breakage prone.
  5. Volume techniques for hairs: looking for a solution for how to make hair thicker? Try the volume enhancing techniques. There are several hundreds of the products in the market that can help you to get thick hairs. Always select the products which have natural ingredients as their components. There is always a method to apply volume conditioner to your hairs. Apply the conditioner on roots and strands and not on the top of the head. While you are styling your hairs on occasion, you can also opt of volume enhancing sprays and root lifters to get the desired fullness.
  6. Hair cut: hair cut also has an impact on the volume of hairs. Try blunt cuts like bobs’ which can help you to get a fuller hair look.
  7. Now let’s discuss the role of diet and food products that can help you to get thicker hairs.
  8. Eggs: if you are wishing for thick and healthy hairs, you can not compromise on protein content of your diet. Protein hair treatment is very often used for thinning hair treatment. For your protein treatment, use egg on your hairs for half an hour once a week and see the results in the form of thick hairs. The next option is massaging your scalp with egg yolk mixed with one of the essential hair oils discussed above.
  9. Olive oil: next best hair care products include olive oil. Olive oil is helpful in not only adding thickness to your hairs but also in softening as well as in smoothening your locks. Olive oil is used as massaging oil for the scalp.
  10. Avocado: how to make hair thicker? Try using avocado. Avocado works by moisturizing the hairs and thus making them thick.
  11. Castor oil: again we come to the use of the castor oil for hairs. The easiest way by which you can get thick hairs is massaging your scalp with castor oil, cold pressed. The castor oil has very high viscosity and thus it is very helpful in thoroughly coating the hairs. Castor oil is very helpful in promoting the growth of hairs because of the high content of fatty acids as well as Vitamin E.
  12. Hibiscus oil for thickening the hairs: hibiscus oil is very beneficial for the hairs, particularly for getting thick hairs. It has high amount of Vitamin C. because of its moisturizing and astringent properties hibiscus oil can used on both dry as well as oily hairs. The slippery extract found in hibiscus oil helps in detangling the hairs and thus reduces the thinning of hairs.
  13. Honey magic: lack of nutrients is the most common cause of thinning of hairs. Honey can be directly used on the scalp to get the benefit of nutrients present in it. Apart from providing lots of nutrients and vitamins, honey helps in attracting the moisture and thus keeps the hairs well hydrated. Honey is often used for smoothening for improving the overall health of the hairs.

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