Easy steps to make your eyes look bigger

Eyes speak more you speak; they even have the ability to express those feelings which words can’t. They are the most dangerous weapon a girl can have to make his guy fall in love again and again. Round eyes, small eyes, large eyes, almond eyes; each and every shape is beautiful and adorable in itself. And after that we have lots of makeup methods to make them look more elegant, expressive and sexy. Plethora of products and expert techniques, when put together, give the solution to many of your eye makeup related problems.

                            Easy steps to make small eyes look big

How can I make my small eyes look big?

I must say those girls are lucky who have pretty big eyes. Those are truly magical and alluring. And for those girls who feel sad for not having such beautiful eyes, you can make your small eyes look big by adopting some creative measures.

  1. The first thing you have to do is to curl your eyelashes. Doing this will make a significant effect and your eyes will look wide open than before. Do not use any harsh curler for this because they will rather form crimp in your eyelashes. Use your hands for curling your eyelashes or find a good quality soft eyelash curler. Keep in mind that you have to curl your eyelashes at the first place i.e. before using anything else because if you curl them after using mascara or eyeliner then it might create a mess.
  2. Apply a good quality concealer below your eyes as it will cover your dark circles. Dark circles make your eyes and face look dull.
  3. Many experts advice to apply white highlighter on your water line i.e. the inner portion of your eye as it will make your eyes look bigger. But there are very few eyes which look good with white eyeliner, Otherwise it is little odd to wear white eyeliner. Rest you can give it a shot because it works bets in some of the cases.
  4. Apply a dark brown, black or gray colored highlighter or a dark shadow just below your waterline i.e. where your eye ends. Do not apply it on the inner rim of your eye as it will in turn make your eyes look smaller. Do not forget to smudge the highlight with a small brush. Notice your eyes after doing these things and if you feel like they have worked in your favor then go ahead.
  5. You can also extend eyeliner from the end corner i.e. tip of your eye. Elongated eye liner gives cat look to eyes. You can use dark brown, gray color for elongating the tips.
  6. Talking about the eye shadows, instead of making combinations of two or more colors in the outer and inner part of your eyelid. Go for single shade for the entire eyelid. Apply it evenly with a brush on the whole eyelid. And for those who think applying a single color is boring; you can use a little darker brown or black shade on the outer edge of your eyelids. Do practice these once or twice a week

Which eyebrow shape I should go for?

Makeup alone cannot make your eyes look big; it also depends on the shape of the eyebrow. One need to be very particular about the eyebrow shape if their eyes look small. Eyebrows should be shaped beautifully. Talking about the shape; they should neither be that thick nor be that thin. Preferably, girls with small eyes should go for a little thin eyebrow shape. While makeup uses the eyebrow pencil and extends your eyebrows little outwards.

Few invincible tips:

  1. If you actually want your eyes look big; do not use dark lip colors; rather use nude shades. Wearing dark shades on lips will overshadow your eye makeup.
  2. The area beneath your eyes should not look swollen as it makes eyes look smaller; even if you have big ones swollen puffs below the eyes make them look small. So do ensure a good sleep, if you have to attend a party next morning.
  3. Do not go for the thick eyeliner; try to make it as thin as possible. If you think your eyelids are small; do not think of thick eyeliners. Eye liners can do magic if you make them do so. Make it a little thick on the outer edge and thinner at the inner edge.
  4. You do have an option for false eyelashes too.
  5. Mascara is mandatory if you have small eyes and want them to look big.
  6. If you are using brown or black eyeshadow on the outer edges, give them a smudgy look.

Colors one should use with small eyes:

  1. Talking about the colors specifically; the one with small eyes should prefer light shades for eye shadows.
  2. If you think that you cannot wear the white eyeliner (as written above) on your water line then go for another option i.e. fawn color pencil. It will look much more elegant than the white one.
  3. Talking about the eyeliner, blue, green or turquoise shades are in and they go with small eyes too.
  4. Even shimmers do their best for small eyes. Shimmers are available in almost every color. You can use golden, gray or silver shimmer for your small eyes.

Do not mismatch the colors; if you are using a blue eyeliner use a silver shimmer on eyelid instead of brown shadow. Play with colors and make exciting combinations.

Making the eyes look prettier is not at all a tedious task. All you need to know is the best makeup technique according to the shape of your eyes. You must know that which sort of makeup will suit your eyes and how will it look on your face. So just examine your eye shape and go on!!

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