How To Take Care Of Permed Hairs – Important Steps

How To Take Care Of Permed Hairs
How To Take Care Of Permed Hairs

Perming your hairs has common these days as it allows you to get your dream hairs without spending couple of hours of heat treatment on them on daily basis. But the question that arises after perming the hair is how to take care of the permed hairs because perming is a process which is heavily based on chemicals. Since huge amount of chemicals are used on hairs, they become very fragile. In order to keep the hairs healthy, they require very special care after perming. Usually a special regime is followed on daily basis to maintain the shine and gloss of the hairs. You need to be very careful for the first couple of days while doing anything with your hairs as the chemicals used on the hairs while perming are still working on your hairs. The following simple steps form the rules guide of how to take care of permed hairs:

Step 1: No Washing for first few days- okay, agreed that the very first step may give you a feeling of gross but this is the truth. Even your hair stylist will define the time period for which you can not or should not wash your hairs. Here is the reason for this- the chemicals used for perming the hairs have their effect for up to two to three days and are working to set your curls. By not washing the hairs for first three days, you are allowing the chemicals to give enough time to the texture to get set.

Step 2: refrain from straightening the hairs – to take care of your permed hairs try to avoid the straightening and blow drying of the hairs. If you straighten or blow dry your hairs very often, it can lead to messed up curls and also make your hairs dry and frizzy. Frequent straightening can lead to waving of the hairs and can give your hairs a weird texture.

Step 3: Conditioners- Conditioning of hairs is very important step in long hair care regime. Conditioning the hairs help in preventing the damage caused to the hairs. In order to maintain your locks, conditioning is very helpful. Try deep conditioning along with hot oil conditioning after you get your hairs permed to maintain their lustre and quality.

Step 4: Careful combing – after you get your hairs permed, you simply cannot run the comb through your hairs. Curly hairs, naturally or permed need special and gentle care while combing and detangling. While taking care of permed hairs, always use a wide tooth comb along with the soft brush. Use the wide toothed comb to detangle the hairs when they are wet and then let them to be air dried. Also, always work out on the major knots when the hairs have dried up. After the hairs have dried up, run soft brush through them. You can also use your fingers to detangle the hairs. All these steps should be followed before applying the curling cream on the hairs.

Step 5: Style for curly hairs- how to take care of permed hairs- well, style them only when required. Many of you may also feel that now when you have got your hairs permed, you do not have to worry about the styles to follow on occasions. Well, here is the happy and surprising news, always make different style with your permed hairs when you are getting ready for party. Permed hairs can be transformed in to great styles using anti0frizz curling cream and serums.

Step 6: Regular trimming- again you may feel cheated with the length of your hairs with this advice of regular trimming. However, regular trimming is essential part for increasing the hair growth. Many often you get this answer to the question how to increase hair growth.  Same goes for the permed hairs. Trimming actually helps you to get more defined and prominent curls. Regular trimming prevents the puffing of hairs from the wrong places and also helps in getting rid of the split ends.  Trimming helps in maintaining the ideal shape of the permed hairs. this is also the solution for how to get long hairs.

Step 7: Air dry- we all know that blow drying is not exactly very good for the health of the hairs and in order to maintain the permed hairs curls one should not use the blow drier and instead let the hairs be air dry. Permed hairs tend to lose their shape easily when they are exposed to the heat treatments.

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