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An ideal husband can be a myth. Every woman has her own definition of ideal husband and it may take ages to find your ideal husband. This is because; we paint the picture of ideal husband after reading romantic novels and watching movies. We forget that the things in reality differ a lot from the reel life and novels. Writers and directors can work as per their fantasies but real life does not move forward as per the fantasies that we have. Thus, instead of finding an ideal husband, you should look for husband who can be the best man of your life. Focus on your relationship, set the parameters or the qualities that you would want in a man with whom you want to spend your life and then look for your ideal husband. Qualities to look out for in an ideal husband:

  1. Pleasant nature: Arrogance is a big NO while handling women. Women generally like to stay away from arrogant men who can explode anytime even on small matters. A soft and cheery nature of a man is always appreciated. Also, try not t o bring the office frustration to home. Being pleasant with the wife is not the only thing; pleasantness is nature and thus should be shared with everyone around you- friends and family.
  2. Loyalty: faithfulness is next factor that women look in an ideal husband. Being loyal to your wife and family is probably the best gift that you can give to them.
  3. Responsibility: being reliable and responsible are the qualities of an ideal man. As a Woman always wants a man on whom they can rely upon when they are down. Husband should never be little his partner or hurt her as she is the one who is the backbone of his house. She needs to be respected as equally as him. Husband should always support his wife in his decisions and should always provide her with the support she requires.
  4. Sensitivity: being sensitive to the needs of others is not just a virtue of woman. A man should also be sensitive towards the need of her woman. To be an ideal husband, make sure you take out some time from your busy schedule to take her out, indulge her and make her feel special. She may have changed in appearance and behaviour as per the change in time, but she has too sacrificed a lot to build a dream home.
  5. Judgemental: what makes a good husband is that he does not compare his wife with anyone he may fancy. As an husband, you make have different like, different taste, but make sure you do not judge your wife’s choices and pass remarks to her as they can hurt her sentiments and make her feel low emotionally. Even if you are not surprised or pleased with the extra effort that she may have put in the dinner, just compliment her as she has done it for you only and on one else.
  6. Showing love and affection to your wife: women crave for love. They need affection to go on in their life. Ignoring your wife is one of the worst actions that you can do to hurt her. Take out time, notice her and express your love to her even though you may be married for decade o r more. Showing love to wife, make them fee secure and wives tend to get insecure soon. Notice the small changes in your wife, her dress, haircuts, jewellery as to reach home; she may have put them on jus to get a compliment form you. Expensive gifts are not always necessary to make women happy; a sweet, loving gesture can always do the trick.’
  7. Personal space: an ideal husband respects the personal life of her wife. Always remember, she too can have friends, can pursue her dream and be passionate about her long lost hobbies. She does not necessarily need to roam about the house every minute and always be there in home when you reach back from office. She may get late while catching up with friends or out on shopping, be protective but do not be a bodyguard as she need personal space to rejuvenate herself.
  8. Protection: for a good relation between husband and wife, there should be trust among them. From trust, comes the protection factor. A wife should always feel protected with her husband. As an ideal husband, you do not have to build muscles in order to provide her the sense of protection; you should be there with her morally so that she needs not feel afraid when you are in her life.
  9. Be a guide to your wife: always be there to give her the advice. As a wife, she looks up to you to advice her and even consults her if she is facing difficulties.
  10. Keeping your wife happy – this is by far, the most important quality of an ideal husband. Keeping your wife happy can be a difficult task but an ideal husband must always make efforts to keep her happy.

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