Marriage vows – For Life time

Marriage has different definitions. If you ask any couple, they give their own meaning of marriage as they see it. Marriage, to a huge extent is the union of a man and woman who would lovingly want to spend their entire life together, in their good as well as bad times. Marriage vows are of utmost importance in keeping your marriage together and also flourishing. Couples may not remember vows in their good times but they tend to realize them whenever they face difficult situations in their marriages. It is the power of vows that holds the couples together in their worse times and helps them sail through it. You may have got the perfect man in your life, have planned on your dream wedding to every minute detail, but have you ever pondered about the marriage vows that you and your partner would be taking to enter in to the life long bond.

As a couple, you must focus on the vows that you are taking, apart from the wedding ceremony. Here are the meanings of the marriage vows that you should know for making your marriage a wonderful experience:

Marriage vows for Every couple

couple taking Marriage vows

Taking your spouse as lawfully wedded spouse: focus on the word lawfully here. By taking this vow, you are lawfully bounded by document of marriage. It means that you can not turn a blind eye from your spouse, in your difficult times.

Promise to provide honour and comfort and to love your spouse: Spouses love each other and this is the reason they agree to enter into institution of marriage. Here, love does not means as you love your spouse. It means how your spouse wants to be loved. What are his/her needs from your love. Are they getting fulfilled from the love that you shower on your spouse? Honour, here in this marriage vow means respect. You can not just simply buy respect and give it your spouse. Respect comes in every step that you take towards your spouse, your family. Respecting the needs of your spouse, maintaining the dignity of your relationship even in worst fight is what honour stands for.

Keeping your spouse – the three simple words are probably the most difficult ones to follow. By this phrase it means to be with your spouse for your entire life, also, with the same love and affection with which you have taken your vow. Often, in difficult times, couples feel that the love between them is over and they should separate their ways. Rethink of this vow that you have taken while you were getting married and make every effort to keep your marriage alive. Rethink of your intimate and loving moments with your spouse and the time that you have spent together.

For better and for worse, for richer and poorer, for sickness and health, until the deaths do you apart: to put all this one word, it simply means you can not just move forward leaving your spouse behind. With this marriage vow, couples pledge to be with each other, in every situation, be it a laughing or a crying moment. Sometimes, you may face a financially difficult situation; just remember that you are not alone in facing it. Your spouse, is suffering from same pressure as you, thus be a support to him or her and try to work out the solution together, as a family.

Vows are the integral part of the marriage- both legally and morally. In every culture, there can be found a set a vows to which every couple must show their consent to, in order to legalize their marriage as well as to make their marriage socially acceptable. Respect your vows, keep faith in them to have a long, lively married life.