Husband and Wife

Complete journey of open marriage

Open marriage

What is an open marriage? This is the very first question that you would ask yourself when you hear the term open marriage or open relationship. An open marriage is a marriage where both the partners in marriage mutually agree to engage freely in extramarital sexual relations with different people. Though the term is not only confined to the independence ...

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Premarital Counselling – Therapy For A Happy Marriage

Premarital counselling before marriage at the relationship expert office

Getting married is a wonderful experience. All of us plan for the most important day in our life – our wedding day to make it special and memorable. But does it ever occur to you that wedding is a different thing, and marriage is different? You can say that wedding is one-day event and marriage is a whole life institution. ...

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Arranged marriages – the picture perfect way of wedding

arrange marriage

Have you ever thought that there can be two ways of getting hitched – one is the love marriage about which you all must be familiar, the other is arranged marriage that is more common way to finding your life partner in some countries? Marriage is one of the most important aspects of your life and thus you put all ...

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24 tips for the happy marriage – happy life


A happy marriage is a myth? When you are getting married, you have two thoughts in mind – whether your marriage will work or not.  The kind of marriages that we see in movies does not generally exist but there are many ways by which you can make your married life special. Romance is not the only key for the ...

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18 tips to spice up your marriage – from boredom to bedroom

Portrait of happy casual caucasian married couple at the beach.

If you are going through this article, chances are that you are already feeling bored in your marriage. Remember the time when you were young; ready to fall in love and planning a fairytale wedding. What happened now? Does your marriage deviate from the path that you thought it would follow? Or is it your partner? Do you get demotivated ...

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21 Marriage Advice For Newly Weds: Happy To Tie The Knot

21 Marriage Advice For Newly Weds

Getting married is one big thing in everyone’s life. Marriage changes the entire course of life – from the way you live to the way you think. Many times, the couples are very anxious about their marriage. There can be several reasons that can lead to anxiety during the marriage like marriage preparations, premarital counselling sessions, thoughts about the after ...

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Relationship advice for women

Relationship advice for women.

Relationship advice for women Every woman has her own worries. Sometimes they are related to family, work and the most important one –relationship. Even if you are single, you would love to go in a relationship but you have apprehension about it. It is because women, generally, have different ideas and notions about relationship and thus become judgemental when they ...

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Happy wife-happy marriage-happy life

Happy wife-happy marriage-happy life

A happy wife is a way to lead to happy life. All men swear by this phrase. Though for husbands wives can be confusing and way more difficult to handle, but they do not have any other way out. You need to and must keep your wife happy if you want your life to sail peacefully for the years to ...

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Marriage vows – For Life time

couple taking Marriage vows

Marriage has different definitions. If you ask any couple, they give their own meaning of marriage as they see it. Marriage, to a huge extent is the union of a man and woman who would lovingly want to spend their entire life together, in their good as well as bad times. Marriage vows are of utmost importance in keeping your ...

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Why do husbands cheat

why do husbands cheat

Why do husbands cheat? The answer is still unknown as different men give different excuses for their cheating and the fact remains same – they have cheated and have moved on their marriage. So, the women generally are left to ponder on facts that what is their weakness that their husband are forced to cheat on them. But have you ...

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Difference Between Men and Women

Difference between men and women

Men are from Mars and women are Venus But this is not the only difference.  In fact, the very base of the existence of life on earth is the differences between men and women that balance out each other. We are not talking about the physical or bodily differences, we are considering the differences of how men and women react ...

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An ideal husband – Funda of Good Life


  An ideal husband can be a myth. Every woman has her own definition of ideal husband and it may take ages to find your ideal husband. This is because; we paint the picture of ideal husband after reading romantic novels and watching movies. We forget that the things in reality differ a lot from the reel life and novels. ...

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