Long Hair Care Tips – For Your Gorgeous locks

Long Hair Care Tips
Long Hair Care Tips

Growth and quality of hairs is dependent on the factors like hereditary and genes but factors like lifestyle, hair care habits also play a major role in the hair growth. When you take good care of hairs, it is reflected through your long and shiny locks. Long hair care is not easy but it is also not as difficult as it seems to be. There are many natural ways to increase the hair growth and many of the ingredients that you may need for hair care can be easily found in your kitchen only. Taking care of hairs not only enhance the quality of the hairs but also speed up the hair growth. Following are long hair care tips that you may need to follow:

Wash care: a lot depends on the way you wash your hairs. You need to take care of the factors like frequency of washing, water temperature while shampooing, type of shampoo and the also the time spent while washing the hairs. Frequent washing of hairs and using very hot water while washing have adverse effect on the hair health. All these can lead to damage of the hairs and make them brittle and dry. This can further lead to breaking of the hairs and hinders the long growth of the hairs. Thus, among long hair care tips the way of washing the hairs play a very vital role. If you can not handle cold waters you can wash the hairs separately in the sink with cold water and while showering you can wrap your hairs under shower cap or using towel.

Gentle dry: after the shampoo, comes the drying part of the hair. Some of us think that as long as we are not using the blow dryer we are doing justice to our hairs. But even by avoiding the blow drying, our methods of drying our hairs can cause damage to the hairs. Even towel drying the hairs roughly can lead to breakage of the hairs. To speed up the hair growth, treat your hair with gentle care while drying. It is always advised not to brush the hairs when they are wet. Wet hairs are more prone to stretching and breaking when compared to dry hairs. If the hairs are tangled, use your fingers or wide tooth comb to detangle the hairs. Similarly blow drying should also be limited as it may cause the frizz and make the hairs very dry.

Avoid using chemicals: while following the natural ways to increase the hair growth, try to use the chemicals on the hairs to the minimum extent. Very often, conditioners and shampoos used on the hairs can cause the poor growth of the hairs. Shampoos are often held responsible for sucking out the natural oils from the hairs. In order to keep our hairs soft, we use conditioners which further coat the hairs with silicon. Further, we use more strong shampoos to remove the silicone. In order to get rid of this cycle, try to use strong shampoo once, so that you hair becomes free from silicon. Then, use the natural shampoo without any chemicals to wash your hairs. Similarly, you can use diluted apple cider vinegar for the conditioning purpose. These long hair care tips allow the hairs to become healthy and grow long. Also, use of coconut oil for deep conditioning the hairs is necessary at least once a week. There are several home remedies for hair growth that you can use for at home.

Natural styles: we love to style our hairs in different curls, buns with different colours. But we always overlook the damage caused by the styling to our hairs. If you want to speed up the hair growth, try using the heating hair styling equipment’s like straightener, hair curl rods and blow dryers to the minimum. Similarly, using the gels and hairsprays with chemicals should be avoided. Using natural style tips can allow the hair to grow into long, shiny and healthy strands. Using natural styling techniques on the hairs are more beneficial.

Use of hair mask: hair mask helps in repairing the damage caused to the hairs over a period of time. Hair mask not only helps in restoring the moisture, it also leaves the hair with silky, shiny, soft and healthy feeling. It allows the hair to grow. Hot oil mask is very useful for hairs. Coconut oil and almond oil have high penetrating and conditioning properties. Almond oil and olive oil can also be used for hair masks.

Protection from external damage: long hair care tips include protecting the hairs from the external damage. Special care should be taken while spending hours in harsh sun or swimming in chlorine infused water. Also, try to cover your hairs if you feel that the pollution level is very high in particular areas.

Healthy diets: food for healthy hair includes proteins. Proteins are the building blocks of the hairs and thus protein rich diet is essential for healthy hair growth. Non vegetarians can include fish, chicken and beef in their diet. Vegetarians have the options of legumes, beans, nuts and green leafy vegetables like spinach.

Water: drinking water is necessary for the overall health of the body. Water deficiency is reflected on the hairs in the form of dry and dull hairs. Thus drinking ample quantity of water is must for healthy hairs.

Trim your hair regularly: the question often asked is – how to get long hairs? Long hair care tips include trimming the hair regularly so as to promote their health. Trimming the hairs regularly work by getting rid of the split ends which hinders the growth of the hairs. Thus the secret for long hairs is to cut them regularly.

Head massage: head massage can also work wonders for the hairs. Instead of using equipment’s, go natural way to massage your hairs by using your hand and fingers. Massaging the head improved the flow of the blood increasing the supply of the nutrients to the head. Exercises also help in increasing the flow of the blood and promotes the overall health of the body.

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