Loose weight in 2 weeks – how to pursue your perfect figure dream

Each one of us has dreamt of a healthy body and the perfect figure. But the truth is that sometimes we lose hope of getting the perfect body. Why is it so difficult? Well, the fat that we have accumulated in our body since our teenage is the result of the unhealthy lifestyle that we have adopted years back and are still following. We all have become so busy in our daily lives, juggling between the house and the office that we rarely pay attention to what we are eating and how we are handling our body. The end results of all this can be seen in our body as it start wearing down. Yes, we realize it late about the mistakes that we make while taking care of the body and thus we have to pay later on to bring it back in the shape.

The most common problem that is engulfing the young generation these days is the obesity. Obesity alone is not only a huge threat for the deterioration of our health, but it also becomes the gateway for the large number of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid and many more. Thus, to keep the weight in check is important while maintaining a healthy body. While talking about the weight, please note that we are not talking about the body shape, instead we are talking about the fat content that your body has. People, particularly girls have a wrong notion that a skinny body is a perfect body shape, though this is not true.

Losing weight can be done two ways- 

Loose weight in 2 weeks

The healthy way which allows your body to adopt the changes and the unhealthy way by which you can loose weight, but your body degrades. There are several changes in the diet and the lifestyle that you need to follow if you wish to loose weight in two weeks. A Strong commitment is vital along with exercise and the diet plan. Here are some tips that can help you to loose weight in two weeks:

  • Bring out the change in your eating habits – Our body reflects what we eat and drink. A healthy body represents the healthy diet and thus if you are planning to control your weight, you need to take control of your diet. While we discuss the diet plans to loose weight, we would like to bring your attention to the fact that the best diet that you can give to your body is the basic diet with simple ingredients that your body can digest easily rather than bombarding your body with the “loose weight easily “synthetic products available in the market.
  • Replace the drinks with water- water is essential for the proper functioning of the body. Water not only flushes out the toxins and the wastes from the body, but it also helps you to loose the extra kilos. Being a calorie free drink, it becomes a superior choice over the soft drinks and the energy drinks. The flavoured drinks are full of calories while on the other hand, water helps in increasing the metabolism of the body.
  • Discard the junk food diet – okay, here we come to most difficult part to follow in the quest to loose weight in two weeks – to cut out all the junk food from our routine. When you are following a short term goal like loosing weight in two weeks, complete avoidance of the junk food is a must step. Not only junk food, there are many other so called “healthy products” available in the superstores that are loaded with sugars. You need to stay away from the fatty foods like chocolates, sweets, fried and packaged products.

Cut down the intake of white carbohydrates

Consuming simple carbohydrates is similar to consuming the sugar. When you consume carbohydrates, your insulin level goes up, which on the other hand up your fat store and thus leads to an increase in weight of the body. To lower down this insulin spike, you need to control the intake of processed carbohydrates like cookies, bread, and white rice along with minimizing the consumption of cookies, cakes, ice creams, chips, donuts etc.

  • Cutting down the carbohydrates will allow your body to switch over to ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic process in which the body utilizes the fat stores instead of the glycogen stores. In order to achieve this, avoid the intake of the vegetables rich in starch like potatoes, whole grains including white rice and the fruits rich in sugars like apples, bananas and oranges as well.
  • Apart from the controlled diet intake, the best way to loose weight is to keep your stomach feel full at all times. Do not starve yourself as then the craving to attack the tempting foods will be more and difficult to control. Disguise your stomach that it is full by choosing the healthy options.

Take the help of “negative calorie foods” – though research is going on the so-called “negative calorie foods”, the theory is that there are some foods that require so much energy to get digested than what they actually account for. For example, among the vegetable you can count on radish, cabbage, onions, asparagus, cauliflower etc. Similarly, there are some fruits like blueberries, lemons, oranges, papaya, strawberries; tomato etc., munching on these fruits and vegetables can help you in either burning the calories or they will not allow you to intake excess of calories.

Consumption of lean proteins to loose weight – if you are a nonvegetarian eater and finding the easy way to loose weight then you should put some thought while buying your meats. There are many lean types of meat option available like fish and chicken in place of pork and beef. Consumption of fish is quite beneficial as it provides the body the essential fatty acids. Apart from opting for leaner proteins, the next best way to loose weight stock on the vegetables. Vegetables are very nutritious and low on calories, so they can hep you to shed the extra kilos.

Change the way you eat

How we eat is equally important to what we eat. Sometimes we follow the eating routine which is not compatible to our lifestyle. Thus, give a close look to how you eat and plan methods to take your meal.

  • Have all your meals: there is general notion that skipping the meal or fasting can help you loose weight. Though this myth is already broken but many people still fall under its trap. The truth is fasting and skipping meals does not help your body to loose weight; instead they increase the chance of gaining the weight. This is because when the human body does not receive the essential nutrition, it comes in the conservation mode and save the calories by burning them slowly. Though fasting will help you to loose weight initially for the first few days but when you switch back to the normal diet, you will gain it back. Also fasting can lead to loss of muscles and other health related problems.
  • Keep a check on time of your meals: it is widely suggested that you should not consume heavy meals particularly after the sunset as the body functions slows down and it becomes difficult to digest them. However, we follow the opposite. We come back from hard day’s work, switch on the TV, sit with friends and family and gorge on food like there will be no tomorrow. Few months or a year of this routine and the result is reflected in our belly with all the fats and carbohydrates stored in there. Make it a habit to avoid the heavy meals during the night and to take your dinner few hours before going to bed.
  • Control the portions of your meals: after what and when you eat, the next thing is how much you eat. Even though you are sticking to the healthiest foods, you can not eat them beyond the limit. Develop a good habit to use smaller plates and other utensils. Take one serving and do not go back for the second serving of the meal. Also, when you are hungry and are craving for the snacks, measure the portion of the snacks firstly that you should eat rather than keeping the entire box in your hand. This way you will avoid the overeating.
  • Eat often rather than eating more: you have got it right- eating is very important if you’re trying to loose some weight. But you should know how your body works while planning your diet. Generally we all follow the eating routine as three meals a day and with these three meals we eat huge portions. On the other hand, what our body requires is small portions throughout the day. Thus, instead of eating more at one go, what you can plan is to eat more frequently but have small portions of the meals.

Bring the positive changes in your lifestyle

Now, we have discussed about the diet plans and eating habits that should be followed to loose weight in two weeks, let’s go back to the basic thing – our lifestyle that has a huge impact on our health. There are small things that can make a big difference on your health.

  • Try cooking at home: cooking at home will not only help you to measure the nutrients and the calories in the food that you prepare, it will also help you to save some bucks. You can never really trust the restaurants when it comes to healthy food preparations. You can also make cooking a fun session by involving your family and friends in it. When you are cooking yourself, you know how much salt; oil and butter will be good for your health.
  • Track your results: how to get motivated to loose weight? The answer is keeping the track of your hard work. When you are eating right and exercising, make sure that you measure the result of your hard work. If you start loosing some pounds in the first few days, it will motivate you to keep working hard for more.
  • Commitment: when you have decided to loose weight, the next important thing that you need is the commitment from your end. When your commitment is strong, it becomes easy to follow the diet charts and the exercise plans.

So now we have discussed the easy ways to loose weight, it all depends on how you can follow the routine. Also, do not be too harsh on your body as everyone’s body type is different. Sometimes, the body may not be able to take too much exercising or the diet may not suit you. So, instead of making a commitment of loosing weight, first commit to yourself about getting healthy. This way, you will be able to develop the healthy lifestyle that will ultimately help you to become lean and fit and be at peace with your body.

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