Quick Make Up Tips For Women

 One of the best beauty tips is to focus on eyes as they are the primary area that gets noticed in your personality. Follow the below cool make up tips for the eyes:Every girl is beautiful in her own way and it is difficult to have a definition of beautiful. All we can do is to compare the beautiful faces around us. Make up is one of the best friends of every girl and women. A girl who  believes that she is beautiful in her own terms, use make up to enhance her natural beauty and the girl, who feels that she may not be a pretty face, uses the make up to appreciate herself and to project a confident image of herself to the world. Applying make up is one difficult task in which not everyone is perfecta and if it goes wrong, you can make fool of yourself in public. Thus, always trust your best friend, sisters and mother’s advice as how the make is looking on you and is the particular type of make up suits you. Make up techniques also depends on the skin type. Daily make up tips should always be followed as per the skin type-oily, normal and dry skins have different needs. Here are few make up ideas to help you out:

Make Up Tips For Eyes

  1. Mascara – Use of mascara is essential for eye make up to get that bold eyes look. It is a technique of make up for bigger eyes. Mascara should be picked on the basis of formula- like it is used for not only thickening but also for increasing the length of the eyelashes. Waterproof mascara is best for the whole day application. One of the cute make up idea that you can experiment is to go for different colours of mascaras. Though, generally black is preferred, but shades like brown, burgundy and plum can also be used for a different look.
  2. Eyelash curler– It is one make up idea that is not so famous. Curling of eyelashes give them bright as well as wide look. Mascara brush can be used for curling the eyelashes. Curling can be done after or before the application of mascara.
  3. Eyeliners – Eyeliners work wonders- transforming your eyes to cat eye look, Smokey look or any type that you want. Pencil eyeliner or liquid eyeliner, one can chose as per the convenience of the application. Eyeliner should be applied from outwards towards inside of the eyelashes.
  4. Eye shadows– Application of eye shadows is a daunting task but also a must step for the complete eye make up. Eye shadows colours should be chosen as per your eyes. Wrong selection and application of the colours can lead to a blunder in eye make up. Always try to apply eye make up not only as per the shapes of the eye but considering your whole personality type and the occasion for which you are dressing up. Eye colours play a vital role in selection of eye palette. Shimmer eye shadows give a gorgeous effect.

Make up tips for Face

Face make up can be done easily at home if you know the right tips and ideas. There is no need to rush to salon except for the occasions. Every day when we step out of our homes for work, we apply make up. In order to get the maximum result of the daily wear make up, follow the natural looking make up regime. Remember, face is the most important aspect of the body and a good make up work wonders in enhancing the personality.

  1. Complexion – we all may be blessed with the perfect skin tone like the actors in the industry. There is no need to worry for that. The secret beauty tip for every make up is to camouflage the uneven skin tone and pimples, if you have any by using a cover up. After that, you can use the concealer to give yourself an even skin tone.
  2. Foundation – use of foundation helps in lifting and smooth out the skin for the application of the make up. For that gorgeous glow, try mixing foundation with a part of the illuminator and apply on the face. The best beauty tip if you are running late is not to wash to whole face with water if you running short of time, just put some moisturizer, let it dry and then start with the make up. It also helps you in getting a dewy look.
  3. Cheeks – focus on the cheeks while applying the blush. Make sure. You apply the right amount of blusher so that it can compliment your skin tone. A fluffy brush should be used for a swirling and circular application from cheeks towards hairline to get the perfect look.
  4. Lips– for those velvety effects of the lips that you often saw on the faces of models and actors apply the lipstick evenly and then use a lip liner to smooth the uneven edges. Use the glossy lipstick to give that shiny effect for the lips.
  5. To have a sexy skin look, go for a body oil application along with the mist. Apply it all over your body to have the sexy sheen look.

Make up tips for Hairs

  1. Brushing the hair– every night, brush the hair starting from roots to the ends. This will not only help in distributing the oil evenly, also adds sheen to your hairs.
  2. Hair accessories– you can go for any hair style that suits your face try to add a shiny, glittering hair accessory to add glamour.
  3. Make sure to dry out your hair before you step out to avoid the frizzes. Also, while planning for an occasion, if you want to add colour to your hairdo, plan it in advance rather than colouring on the same day. It is important to even try out the hairstyle few days before your occasion so that you are pretty sure about it on the final day.

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