Make your eyes standout with the riveting VLCC Enchanting Eyes KAJAL

I recently got to lay my hands on the new Enchanting Eyes Kajal from VLCC and have been using this product for more than two weeks now. So here’s my bit on how this product fared out for me.


A Perfect Intense Color

One of the first things that I notice was the Intense Black look of this Kajal. As compared to the brand that I was earlier using, this one was way mesmerizing in depth of color it added to my eyes. The product also comes with a set of instructions on trying out different looks. One of them was Cocktail Glamour and I thought it would suit my short black dress. The look came out just perfect I received tons of complement from my besties.

Smudge Proof – No color spread

Last Friday I had to go straight to an office party right after my shift ended. I had applied the Kajal in the morning it stayed on till late in evening. In fact there was hardly any smudging that I was able to notice.

 vlcc kajal review

Easy on my eyes

I have super sensitive eyes. Over the last few years, at multiple times when I have experimented with a new brand of Kajal, I have ender teary eyed, at times bad enough for my boyfriend to come around with a worried look. The VLCC Enchanting Eyes Kajal on the other hand was easy on my eyes and did not give me any hassles. But I am missing that concerned look on my BFs face

Glides well and is ideal for smoky looks

On evenings when you are looking to make a statement, the Enchanting Eyes Kajal can help you standout in the crown. It is ideal for smoky looks and can easily glide over. At times I have even tried to use it as an eye liner and the results have been fascinating. While I not really use a Kajal as an eyeline, this one being water proof can serve the purpose without messing up my look.

Pros –Good for sensitive eye, easy on the pocket and no wastage due to retractable pencil packaging

Cons – none at all. This is the best Kajal that I have used in a very long time.
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