Men Cheating On Women They Love: Fact or an Intentional Act?

Love is a beautiful emotion, but only till the point it is running on the basis of loyalty. Once the elements of doubt, mistrust or cheating comes in, love simply flushes out of any relationship. We cannot deny this fact that in today’s fast-paced world, we get to see more broken stories than successful ones. Many cases have been seen and heard wherein either of the partner was found cheating on the other. All this leads to a situation wherein a couple finds themselves entangled in a messy love triangle that can neither be accepted nor ignored. Cheating cases those are majorly reported are from the male side. There must be some reason for why do men cheat on women they love? Is it the looks of women? Is it that men are mentally imbalanced? Or is it that males taken women for granted? Questions are many, but answers are few. Recent studies have also shown that men cheat on the women when they feel that their lady partner is more deserving or can have any other man in her life or she is capable of pursuing a better man. This can make men satisfy their ego or decry the women’s feelings by cheating on her.

Following are the probable reasons for which men cheat on the women they love:

Why do men cheat

Brought up in a male dominant society: Upbringing puts a deep impact on one’s thoughts and this impact the actions and decisions that we take in every aspect of life. Males, who have grown in a male dominant society, are more prone to behave in a similar manner with their women. Male dominant society here refers to the society wherein the males has the higher position in the household and the women have little or no say in the matters. Sometimes the emotions of the women are also ignored. When kids see these things in the childhood, they develop the notion that women are weak or less as compared to men and they have the right to do what they feel is right without caring the feelings of women.

  • Women are considered as weaker: It is a common assumption that women are weaker members of the society. This assumption is based on several factors, which include physical strength and emotional strength. When men think that women are weak and can not compete with them, they cheat on them without any regrets.
  • Too much possessiveness on the part of women: Out of the two partners involved in a relationship, women by their nature are more possessive for her partner and this attitude somewhere makes men feel trapped. This again is a big reason for the widening distances between men and women in a relationship. Furthermore, such distances prorogue men to cheat on the women they love.
  • Women are taken for granted: In major cases, women are known for showcasing unconditional love, not just for her family, but also for her beloved. Due to this attribute of ladies, they are often taken for granted by the males. Though this attitude is truly unethical and highly judgemental, but its existence cannot be denied.

The above-stated reasons clearly explain different reasons for which men do cheat on women. It would be wrong to mention that all men are the same, but the fact that cannot be denied is that women are cheated in love. Some serious efforts need to be taken in order to change male mentality with regard to females so that happier and healthy relationships can sustain in this world. Moreover, a healthy environment must be given to children right from their childhood so as to condition their thinking in the right manner.

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