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Pineapple health benefits

Pineapple Health Benefits

Pineapples, another marvellous discovery of Christopher Columbus are counted among extravagant and exotic fruits. The exceptional juicy nature and the tropical flavour of the pineapples balance the taste of this fruit between tart and sweet. Pineapples are the result of fusion of individual fruitlets which fuse around the core in the centre. Pineapple, unlike other fruits is always ripened on the plant only. Once the pineapple is plucked, the taste of the pineapple remains same and no artificial ripening method can change it. Pineapple health benefits are numerous. Few of them are discussed below:

  1. Boost the immune system: pineapples help in boosting the body’s immunity against several infections as it works towards building a strong immune system. Since pineapples are very rich in Vitamin C which is also known as anti-oxidant vitamin, it improves the efficiency of immune system. Collagen synthesis in body is also dependent on Vitamin C. collagen acts as a structural protein for skin, bones, blood vessels and other organs.
  2. Strong bones: pineapple health benefits also include its impact on our skeleton system. Manganese present in pineapples is vital for the development of healthy bones. Pineapples are help in strengthening of connective tissues. Manganese is also required for production of energy, synthesis of fatty foods. A cup of pineapple juice is essential to maintain healthy bones.
  3. Diabetic helps: people suffering from diabetes can find some relief with this sweet fruit. Pineapple health benefits for diabetic people are that they can relish the sweet taste of this fruit and not worrying for the calories all the time. There is no spike in the level of blood sugar after consumption of pineapples.
  4.  Macular degeneration: macular degeneration is condition in which retina gets damaged which gradually leads to vision loss. Including pineapple in daily diet helps preventing the macular degeneration. The beta-carotene present in pineapple helps in improving the sight.
  5. Anti-inflammatory effect: pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain, which functions by reducing the pain, swelling and healing time. Pineapple consumption helps in fighting against worm infestation and arthritis.  Bromelain help in digesting the proteins and work as a detoxifier.
  6. Eat pineapple for healthy gums: gums hold the teeth together and pineapple helps in keeping the gums strong. The acidic nature of pineapple also prevents the growth of bacteria.
  7. Fertility: pineapple has become important fruit for maintaining the fertility of both males and females. This is because of the anti-oxidants like Vitamin C, Beta carotene, minerals like zinc; copper and folate prevent the damage caused to the reproductive system by free radicals.
  8. Prevents against the cancer: as well know now that how important is it to include the pineapples in our daily diet because of its strong anti—oxidant properties. The anti-oxidant properties of pineapple also help by reducing the risk of cancer by removing the free radicals.
  9. Prevents from hyper tension and controls the blood pressure: a pineapple rich diet means a diet rich in potassium and low on sodium. Thus pineapple health benefits also include maintaining the blood pressure at optimum level as well as preventing from hypertension.
  10. Younger looking skin: want to look young? Well, including pineapples in your diet may fulfil your wish. It stimulates the synthesis of collagen which keeps the skin flexible and firm. The vitamin C and amino acids presence in pineapples repairs the damaged tissue and cells.
  11.  Formation of mucous:  if you are suffering from accumulation of mucous in throats, try pineapple juice. Pineapple juice helps in clearing out the throat and preventing the accumulation of mucous. The Vitamin C in pineapple helps in clearing the lungs also.


Apart from many health benefits of pineapples discussed above, people worry about how many calories in pineapple are they consuming? There is good news for all the pineapple lovers, the fruit may taste sweet but does not bulk up the calories. Pineapple enzyme bromelain help in breaking down of proteins. Many people also suffer from pineapple allergy. The symptoms include red rashes, vomiting, nausea and difficult breathing. Many questions are raised regarding pineapple like – does pineapple induce labor? It has been observed that tropical fruits pineapple, kiwi and papaya can result in mild contractions. For pineapple to induce labor, drink mild quantities of pineapple juice. There are plenty of pineapple juice recipes that you can follow. Pineapple are now included in every cuisine around the word to add flavour. Pineapples taste great with pineapple ice creams. Pineapple can also be consumed in variety of foods like pineapple cookies and pineapple hams.

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