Qualities of Perfect Marriage Material Women

Marriage is an important decision in life and requires lots of maturities and thought before you take this decision. When we are growing up, we have different thoughts about our life partner – how and what they will look like, what will be their behaviour and hobbies and many others. As the time passes, our thoughts and feelings also grow up and we have the different attitude towards life. The qualities that we want in our life partner changes and we make a picture in our mind as how we want our life partner to be. When we meet different persons, we notice their behaviour and qualities and then decide which ones are good and which ones are bad and what do we want. Though women are known to make such kind of lists, sometimes men also follow their footsteps and make such kind of lists. There are certain qualities of perfect marriage material women that are hard to miss when you meet such women.

Qualities of Perfect Marriage Material Women
Men are attracted to women not just because of their face but also because of the qualities that they possess; the qualities which make a man to go after her. These qualities help turn a girlfriend into a wife. A man can have fun with many girls, but only one will become the queen of his heart. Though no man will reveal the qualities that they are looking in a girl, but surely they will notice every inch of her personality – her style of walking, dressing sense, eating habits, the way she handle her work, talk to people, her attitude towards life, thought process and many other things that will help to reveal the real in her.

Now, for all those men, who believe that it is impossible for them to find their life partner or are too afraid to take the dip in this process, we have accumulated some qualities of perfect marriage material women to make their life easier.

  1. Respect of values and beliefs: we agree that women become bit noisy when we try to convince that they have a wrong view of something, but hey, do not take the insult that they may throw on you. When you are looking out for someone as your life partner, make sure that they share and respect your values and beliefs. Here we do mean that they agree and nod on everything that you have to say, but then they should not outcast you for following the things in which you believe in.
  2. Evolution of a better person: when you start to love a woman of your dreams, make sure that she is not pulling your strings or changing you as per her wish, unless you have some bad habits. The essence of evolution here is that you should become a better person after falling in love instead of becoming her puppet. Women are famous for their possessive nature in love, so beware and keep hold of you. If she is trying to implement something on you, give a thought that whether it will improve you and make you a better person, if the answer is yes, then keep your ego aside and go ahead. If you believe that the changing of particular habit is not the necessary to reason it out with her. Your lady love should accept you the way you are.
  3. Trust: before you decide to get hitched, always ask this question to yourself – do you trust her and again, does she trust you? There should be a mutual relationship of trust between the two of you to keep the love growing. If you can’t trust her or she cannot trust you, there is no point in dragging your relationship into a marriage. You do not need a woman who sneaks out your mobile for checking after you get into bed or follows you to your office.
    Love bond: unless you are confirmed that you love her, do not get trapped in the web of marriage. Marriage is a complex relationship that strictly runs on love and trust. A quality of the perfect marriage material in a woman includes the way she loves you. If she loves the way you are, without attempting to change you or mould you into a different person, then you can say that she loves you. However, if your girlfriend is constantly trying to change you, then probably you should not think of marrying her yet.
  4. A fun girl: a man would love to be with a woman who can make him laugh at any stage of life. Gone are the days, when men wanted to settle with the women who are quiet and mature. The time has changed and now guys look out for the girls who can chill with them, chuckle at their jokes and can laugh with them. A woman with funny bone is quite attractive as compared to others.
  5. Her priority list: one of the qualities of the perfect marriage material in women is that you will be on the top of her priority list. A woman, who keeps you on the top, will make herself available for you at any time. She does not have to make time in her schedule to fit you in. she will make every effort to spend some moments with you and make you feel special. She can make you feel blessed with her presence around you.
  6. Live and let live: just above we have discussed that a perfect woman quality for marriage is that she will be available for her husband every time he needs her, but this does not mean that she should close herself in and expects her husband to reciprocate the same. A perfect woman will pursue her dreams and will allow her man to follow his dreams as well. She goes by the phrase “live and let live”. Being in marriage does not necessarily means that you need to spend every time available to you together, you can also enjoy the company of your friends, colleagues or even some ideal time if you have some. It’s just that everyone has some personal space that cannot and should not be invaded. Everyone has the life outside the marriage also and have all the right to enjoy it.
  7. Appreciation: a good wife knows how to make her husband feel special – appreciate him. Another quality that man note while looking for marriage material in women is that how they treat their husband. Do they complement him often? Or they just do it occasionally. When she compliments you, it means that she feel good about you and being with you.
  8. Compromises for happiness: another quality of perfect marriage material women is that she keeps the happiness of your relationship above her personal happiness. A selfish woman will not be able to do so. If you feel that your girlfriend always keeps her needs above the needs of your relationship, maybe it is the time that you reconsider your decision. Compromises from both the sides are very important to a relationship in the healthy and happy state.
  9. Future vision: when you are planning to get married, you have lots of things in mind about the future. It is important for your wife to be to have the similar vision about the future like you have. If you are dating someone whose future plans differ vastly as compared to yours, this can be the signal that perhaps you two are not made for each other. A woman is the backbone of the home, so she must agree with what you have planned ahead in life and how the plan should work. When you have decided to get married, always notice that the woman in your life has the same interests in the future as you do or not.
  10. Let you yourself: okay, we all know that women are infamous for bringing changes in men after marriage. We are not saying that changes are bad always but then, your wife should let you be yourself instead of constantly trying to change you. Few changes are for good and you can tolerate them but if your lady love keeps reminding you of every small habit that you must change then you are entangled in the wrong relationship. A perfect marriage material woman will always know that men love their freedom than anything else and thus would not interfere with that.
  11. Great cook: here is one quality that surely makes a perfect marriage material in women – she needs to be a great cook to make her place in her man’s heart. If your girl is a great cook, you two are surely going to enjoy a lot in your marriage. You can also surprise her sometimes by preparing a special dish for her at weekends.
  12. Tough from inside: gone are the days when women were regarded as the delicate creatures. Nowadays, men want to be with women who can handle all the situations in life with sheer confidence and elegance. They do not want their ladies to cry on small things. A strong woman is always favoured as compared to a weak one when it comes to choosing a life partner. Life throws lemons at every one, all you need is a partner who can enjoy the lemonade with you even at that time and gives you confidence.
  13. Acceptance: everyone wants acceptance; it is in our nature. Like her, you may also have some shortcomings that you can be afraid of sharing with her. But then, if she loves you genuinely, she will accept them and will find a way to love you more. If you are in a relationship with a woman with whom you feel like hiding things, then she may never become a good wife to you. The life partner is someone with whom you can share everything during your entire life.
    Gentle fighter: once you are married, you always know that fights will creep in your marriage but the question is how to tackle those fights? If your wife is smart enough to know that no reason can be big enough to keep your relationship at stake, she will have the quality of acting as a cooling agent in your fight. She will calm down not only herself but also you and will realize the importance of sensible arguing.
  14. Low maintenance: you would not want to be with a girl for whom you end up paying huge bills every weekend. We all know that women love to shop and spend money, but you need to note this quality in women that whether she values money or not. By low maintenance, we do not mean that you have to cut down your groceries but then you can’t afford to enjoy the meal at five-star hotels every night. So, when you are dating, always notice that how your woman is spending. Can she survive with the money that you are earning or does she get unsatisfied when she cannot lay her hands on something.

After discussing all these qualities, it can be said that there can never be a complete list of the qualities of the marriage material women; instead there can be a set of qualities that you can choose and look in your partner. Like different food habits, people have different choices, some may want their women to be delicate, and some may want to be strong. Same goes for the other things also. All that matters is that you and your wife can enjoy the life together and stay strong in your marriage. You can always take the help of your friends, siblings and parents to identify the qualities that you would like your lady. Since they know you well a, they can always guide you with what type of women you can get along well. Every woman is different; it’s just a matter of the things that can strike between you and her. Once the love blooms, it will only make you a better person.

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