Relationship advice for women

Relationship advice for women.

Relationship advice for women

Every woman has her own worries. Sometimes they are related to family, work and the most important one –relationship. Even if you are single, you would love to go in a relationship but you have apprehension about it. It is because women, generally, have different ideas and notions about relationship and thus become judgemental when they enter into one. Being judgemental about a relationship is not a fair thing, if you have entered in to a relationship with your choice and happiness; give your full effort to make it work.

Setting some rules in your relationship can be good or bad, depending on how they are affecting your relationship. They may either spice up your relationship with your man or even ruin it, leading to unnecessary arguments and insecurities. Thus, make sure you do not fall in to any trap of advices that you hear from your friends and colleagues. Every relationship is different and requires different level of efforts to make it work as per your dream relationship. Effort and time are the two vital needs for any relationship to flourish. Some relationship advice for women, that they can look up to when they feel that they may be going wrong somewhere in their relationship are:

  • Don’t behave in a granny way: mature woman attracts man but then there is always an upper bar towards maturity. Constantly pouring advice like, all time nagging about various stuff can easily put off a man’s mood. Also, keep in mind that you can indulge in play with him, just like your childhood times, to have some sweet memories of your relationship.
  • Being influential: influential does not mean that you have to boss around your man. A man always notices things that attract his fellow men. And thus, make sure that you dressed up attractively in front of is friends, talk with confidence and behave smartly. If you appeal attractive to them, your man will stick to you.
  • Chivalry: the relationship help for women is often required with this factor. Women believe that they are the princess of his prince charming and should be treated in that way only. And men, may have a differ opinion on this. Though, chivalry is good behaviour, not all men are accustomed to it. So, instead of comparing your man with your best friend’s boyfriend, teach him chivalry on your own without annoying him. It may take some time, but he will surely learn it for your sake. The manta is just to make him learn in an affectionate way.
  • Listening with open ears: women are often blamed for entering into an argument for no reason. Men and women relationship involves countless arguments. But before you jump into an argument, and spoil your day, listen to your man. He may be having a point that you would have ignored and thus screaming at your highest pitch.
  • Let him be: okay, so you have your picture of Mr. Right since childhood and now, when you are in relationship, you see the differences in you Mr. Right and your boyfriends. Think of it, why you entered in relationship with him. Must be love. So, keep the love alive and don’t ask him to change. His change habits may make you feel happy, but not him. He may feel burdened with them. Let him be himself around you and show his true colours to you. As only then you are sure enough to know the person with whom you are in love.
  • Speak to him: one of the best relationship advices for women is to speak to your hubby or boyfriend about your thoughts. He is not your mother, and thus it is very difficult for him to read what you are dreaming in your mind. And even if he has tried, spare him the punishment for being wrong. Its absolutely fine, to speak what you want to do, where you want to go, rather than make his guess for everything. Trust this advice, you save your relationship from many more arguments if you stick to this and speak clearly.
  • Be yourself: when you have entered in a relationship. Do not forget who you are. It’s nice to be different. There is no need to pretend that you same favourite colour, food, restaurant, car etc. as your boyfriend. Different opinions do not necessarily give rise to arguments; they do make great topics to discuss on dates. Follow you hobbies, indulge in yourself, give yourself some time and space, thus will only make you smart, confident and sexy and thus attractive for your man. Dullness in your life can easily creep into your relationship.
  • Praise and compliments: men and women relationship works on mutual understanding. As you require his attention, he also does. He may not put an effort in dressing up daily, but make sure you give a him a compliment whenever he does. Praise his work, his achievements, and do not be little him if he fails at something. Remember, he is working very hard to keep up the family needs.
  • Be a friend: instead of being a wife or girlfriends, be your man’s best friend. He should feel afraid or ashamed while discussing his fears, future plans or even failures with you. Give him support instead of giving him more worries about home.
  • His personal space: every man requires his personal space that should not be invaded. His life should not just revolve around you and work. He may have friends with whom he may want to catch up just like you do. So, if he wants to go alone for a drink with his friends, do not make an issue of it. Let him be free. You can not hook him to you every time. If your husband goes out and comes refreshed, its only an added benefit for you. He may be sitting ideal sometimes, but do not poke him with questions. Every person has some personal space that we need rejuvenate ourselves.

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