Things to avoid when pregnant

things to avoid when pregnant

Being pregnant does not only brings lot of joy in your life but also brings huge responsibility on your shoulders. It is solely the responsibility of the mom-to-be to absolutely sure of the smallest actions that can have huge impact on the baby. During the nine months period, you are often told what to do, what not to do, but what is important, is that you should take the advice of the experts instead of following the age old taboos. Common sense is best weapon against any taboo that you hear and should be cross checked before you start following any regime.

1) Alcohol– One of the very first things that you should avoid as soon as you come to know that you are expecting a baby is drinking alcohol. It is advisable not to consume alcohol as alcohol can easily passes through the placenta and can affect the liver of the foetus. It has also been found; that taking alcohol during pregnancy can increase the risk of miscarriage as well as it can also result in the low birth weight of the baby.

2) Cigarette and drugs-The next item in the list of things to avoid when pregnant is cigarettes and drugs. Cigarettes and drugs must be strictly kept at bay when you are pregnant. Cigarette smoking exposes the baby to nicotine, tar and harmful gases like carbon monoxide. All these can lead to birth defects as the oxygen supply to the foetus is reduced as a result of the cigarette smoking. Drugs like ketamine and cocaine can lead to complications in pregnancy as well as abnormalities in foetus development.

3) Unpasteurized dairy products-Coming to the food list that should be avoided while pregnant includes unpasteurized dairy products. Though it is being said that one should have ample of dairy products during pregnancy so as to have sufficient amount of calcium in the diet, it is advisable to avoid unpasteurized cheese and other milk products. Unpasteurized dairy products can contain bacteria and thus are not good for the pregnant women. Soft cheeses should be avoided during pregnancy.

4) Raw Meat and poultry-The second in the list is raw or uncooked poultry and fish. Consuming raw meat, fish or eggs during pregnancy can lead to parasitic infections and they tend to cross placenta and can result in premature birth as well as mental retardation. Caffeine consumption should also be limited especially during the first trimester.

Apart from these, there are few tips that should be followed while pregnant. These include maintaining hygienic environment- in this; always include your family and every one at home so that the responsibility of maintaining the healthy and clean environment is on everyone. Washing your hands regularly, especially before eating and cooking as well as before handling raw meat and fish is very important. Another smart tip to follow is to store the foods at correct temperature. One should avoid storing raw meat products and vegetables and fruits together. They should be stored at different temperatures separately. While going for grocery shopping, make sure to check the expiration date of the products as well as the ingredients list to be sure of the fact that you are not consuming anything that can lead to complications in your pregnancy.

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