What Pregnant Women should eat…?

young pregnant woman 

Eating healthy has become new mantra these days. It is become vital to go for healthy eating habits to keep the diseases at bay. And if you are pregnant, eating healthy becomes the most important aspect of your life. There are many myths related to the eating habits for pregnant women. One should avoid blindly following the things that they hear- as most of the people are under the habit of showering eating advices along with wishes to a mom-to-be. Maintaining a food and diet chart with the help of an expert is one of the best things that you can do for yourself and for your baby during pregnancy as whatever you do, along with eating directly impacts the baby development.

The one phase that you may hear from every granny next door – eat twice as now you are two. Well, this myth is already busted as it has been seen that eating for two people, can make you run twice the jogging path after delivery to loose the baby fat that you have gained. The fact is, to eat what is necessary and in adequate quantity.

1) The most important is nutrient factor that should be kept in mind while you’re pregnant is proteins. You may need extra calories but you can not compromise with nutrients like vitamins, minerals specially the folic acid as well as the iron. Healthy eating while pregnant does not necessarily means that you have to cut down all your favorite food, it simply means to change the quantity of the food that you can eat at varied intervals.

2) Focusing on the list of what pregnant women should eatthere are plenty of options – starting from fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables are must in pregnant women diet. These can be eaten fresh and raw; one can also cook vegetables in healthy oil so as to maintain the nutrient value. It is always advised to stay away from the canned fruits juices as they have comparatively low nutrient content and more sugar content. Eating raw fruits and vegetable also proves enough fibre content to keep the gut system healthy. Following is the list of fruits that should be included in your diet plan during pregnancy:

  •  Avocado – it is a great source of folic acid, which required in abundance during pregnancy.
  •  Mangoes– this delicious fruit not only helps in digestion but is also a good source of both Vitamin A and C.
  • Sweet Lime – this fruit helps in controlling the nausea as well as morning sickness. The antioxidants present in sweet lime are great for the development of the baby .

3) The next item in the diet plan of pregnant women includes-proteins. Proteins acts as building blocks of the body and thus play a pivotal role in baby development. Eating lean meat, pulses, nuts, eggs and fish during pregnancy helps in maintaining the daily protein requirement. However, make sure that they are properly cooked as the raw meat can cause various problems.

4) Pregnant women diet must always include dairy products like milk, cheese, yoghurt etc. The dairy products are great source of calcium as well as other nutrients. The answer to the question-what pregnant women should eat is not over unless we include the starchy foods that are rich in carbohydrates in the diet of pregnant women. Starchy foods like bread, breakfast cereals, and potatoes not only provide enough vitamins but also satisfy the calorie need of the body.

5) Apart from healthy eating during pregnancy, it is vital to take proper amount of fluids to keep the body well hydrated. Drinking ample quantity of purified water and fresh fruit juices helps to keep the body hydrated. Just remember before anything you eat, eating healthy is way towards healthy baby.

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