Why do husbands cheat

why do husbands cheat

Why do husbands cheat? The answer is still unknown as different men give different excuses for their cheating and the fact remains same – they have cheated and have moved on their marriage. So, the women generally are left to ponder on facts that what is their weakness that their husband are forced to cheat on them. But have you ever wondered – it may not always be wrong in you, in fact, the partner who has cheated on you, is weak in himself and his perceptions, that has made him to cheat in his life and probably will regret it later. You may come across different reasons for their infidelity with as lame excuse as boredom but the male infidelity has been associated with more reasons than simply boredom.

We have listed out few reasons or probably the excuses that husbands who cheat often give to exclude the guilt factor from their infidelity.

  • Marital disturbance: one of the very first reasons as why do husbands cheat on their wives is the disturbance in their marriage. Your marriage is on the verge of finishing line when you both go to bed without even talking to each other. Regular fights that are left unresolved, ego problems with spouses can leave your husband upset and disturbed. It is so common that such men do not want to come back home from their work as to avoid a fight. Thus, they chose one option form these two – either they pounce back and fight or they flee from the situation. Fleeing here means looking for another option to get love and affection that he is probably expecting from you as a wife. They go for an extra marital affair to have a peaceful time with someone with whom they feel happy and being loved.
  • Boredom – steeping stone for having an affair: men get bored easily, no not with their hours long matches as they have excitement in them but give them a monotonous life or even dinner, they tend to move out. Men always look for adrenaline rush or the things that can get their hormones pumped, bring a feeling of adventure in their life. So, if you are serving your hubby a dull married life that can be tedious too, he will look for outside options to get back the spark in his life.
  • Experiments to enhance their sexual life: well, the most common reason comes here, sexual fulfilments. Most of the husbands cheat on with their partners to satisfy their physical demands which they are not able to fulfil in their marriage. It can be associated with the power that they get after feeling sexually powerful as compared to their female partners. Also, cheating can become habit for such men who always look out for the options to sleep with other women. For these men, loyalty has no value in contrast to their sexual desires.

why do husbands cheat on wife

  • Emotional dissatisfaction: we may often come across the terms as females are the emotional beings but does that give as the right to neglect the emotional side of men? No. it is like men are equally emotional but they do not express as frequently as women but when they are emotionally week they want their partners to be with them. So , if being as a wife you are too indulged in all the activities like your work at office, home, catering to the needs of children and elders, take a look back at your husband, if he feels that you are around there for everyone but not for him , he will move on to other options. Sometimes husbands chat to fulfil their emotional void that is created in the marriage. Like wives, husbands sometimes also need a shoulder to cry on, to express their frustrations and other feelings, their fears and desires. As husbands, they want to be appreciated sometimes for the hard work that they put in to run the family and they sure deserve it. It is vital that husband’s feel valued when they return home.
  • Pursuing wrong footsteps: when people are confused, they look up to their elders for advice. But what if, elders have committed the mistakes. It sometimes happen that child grew up in tough environments where parents have broken marriage, or are brought up by single parents. When they learn the fact that their father has cheated on their mother, they may get the feeling that since life is going on, it may not be as bad as it seems to cheat. So, when they are grown up, have their own kids and if they get an opportunity or reason to cheat, they do. As they do not fear the guilt that they should have while cheating on their wife as in their eyes it’s not a big crime or sin to cheat.
  • Unfaithful wives: few men also give this reason to the question as why do husbands cheat? If they find that their wives are already having an extra marital affair, they tend not to care or ask question or even argue. They simply find another love for themselves and enjoy their life and let the wife enjoy her own.
  • Path to divorce: well, by law infidelity is a strong factor to take a divorce. Some husbands find it easy to cheat and then file for a divorce as then they do not have to give pity reasons to their partner as well as to the court as why they do not want their marriage to be continued.
  • “Need factor” – constant nagging and making your husband feel ignored is also a good reason for husband to cheat. Affection and love are two strong bonds that hold the marriage together. Husband who cheat often discuss among their friends that they do not feel special for their wife anymore or their wife do not value and respect them. Thus, they move in with someone who can make them feel needed and shower affection on them.
Why do husbands cheat? The answer is still unknown as different men give different excuses for their cheating and the fact remains same – they have cheated and have moved on their marriage. So, the women generally are left to ponder on facts that what is their weakness that their…

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